Winter Products Haul

Hello Girls!!

I haven’t yet done any haul post on my blog, so it’s time for some haul which is for winter products. As you all know winters have approached and so has my shopping started for products that can help me battle my extremely dry skin. Skin on my body is not that dry as my face skin is. Lets see what I have got in my haul..

HaulIt’s mostly body lotions, didn’t get much for my face because I still have so much products to finish. This is just a trailer like say a small haul, a big big haul is yet to be made. One shocking news, I saw this Avon body lotion in a cosmetic store, don’t know how it was there :shock: but I immediately picked it without a second thought. After all, I am an Avon fan :rotfl:

Body Lotions:

I currently have 7-8 body lotions but as they say dry skin can never get enough of lotions so this is the same case with me. I love body lotions for the soft and moisturized feeling they give. And winter is all about moisturizing your skin so how can I stay behind when it comes to moisturizing my dry skin.


I don’t have many face moisturizers right now, my sunscreens were doing the thing but then had to get moisturizers as they are a must in winters.


Body Wash:

Have lots of body washes right now but couldn’t resist myself from picking this one as Dove is my all time favourite when it comes to moisturizing the skin.


I currently own 6-7 face washes along with cleansers so picking more face wash or cleanser won’t make sense because the ones I currently have will get expired.

HaulThat’s all I have in my winter products haul, I’ll be soon doing a makeup products haul. If any of you want review on any product, feel free to tell me. :laugh:

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26 Responses to “Winter Products Haul”

  1. Esha says:

    Review the little gold dress :) Loved your haul :)

  2. Radha says:

    Fully skincare awesome products <3

  3. some shop do keep avon products… good haul .. :yes:
    want to see review of the avon little gold dress :-D me also avon fan

  4. Gowthami says:

    Great picks arzoo, how is lakme deep pore cleanser?

  5. rachna says:

    nice products…i have used and loved Dove bodywash for years!

  6. Asmitha says:

    Lots of body lotion..perfect haul for dry skinned beauties..

  7. Vipra S says:

    Great Collection Girl :)
    Avon Little Gold Dress looks tempting ;) but my favorite remains the Lakme deep pore cleanser :)

  8. Arzoo review Lakme skin gloss …NYC HAUL :yes:

  9. sahana says:

    nice haul! Avon gold dress sounds so interesting. Do a review post on that.

  10. Love your haul gal…That’s what I love about winters…Body Lotions and moisturizers :)

  11. subha says:

    That is one awesome haul.

  12. shreya says:

    Wow lovely products dear ! smart shopping :)
    waiting for the reviews :) :-*

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