Vichy Thermal Spa Water Review

Today I’d be reviewing the famous Vichy Thermal Spa Water! Move on to read my views on this thermal spa water..Vichy Thermal Spa Water ReviewProduct Details:

Vichy Thermal Water is 100% pure and naturally rich with 15 rare minerals. It is clinically proven to have health benefits for your skin: regenerating, antioxidant, soothing and protective. Recommended for sensitive skin.

Rs. 350 for 50 ml & Rs. 650 for 150 ml.

How To Use:

After spraying, leave it to work for a few moments, then gently dry. During the day, it immediately soothes and refreshes. Use morning and night to complete your cleansing routine.


Mineral content (mg/1): Bicarbonates: 4776.3, Chloride: 357.0, Potassium: 99.6, Fluorine: 8.8, Sodium: 1860.0, Calcium: 150.6, Magnesium: 12.3, Iron: 1.0, Neutral pH.Vichy Thermal Spa Water Review

My Take on Vichy Thermal Spa Water:

Well, who doesn’t like using mineral and vitamin enriched products on their face! I get impressed with a product pretty quick if it has some sort of vitamins or minerals in it and talking about this Vichy Thermal Spa Water, it’s basically a spring water with 15 types of minerals in it. Thermal water is water collected from natural springs and is considered to be very high in antioxidants and minerals so who wouldn’t want to include such an innovative product in their skin care routine. Well, I can’t afford to miss such products when I hear about their numerous benefits for skin and I’ve got hooked to mineral water or thermal water ever since I used the La Roche Posay Thermal Water.Vichy Thermal Spa Water ReviewI use this thermal spa water after cleansing my face or after using a toner as I don’t think this can replace a toner as it doesn’t work in cleaning the skin or drawing out left over impurities after cleansing. Mineral water can be used in various ways and my most common ways to use it is after cleansing or after coming back from the sun to calm and soothe my skin, sometimes I use it after doing my makeup as a makeup setting spray and this gives a dewy finish to my skin plus helps to hold makeup for a lil long. This thermal spa water emits a cooling superfine mist which gives instant boost of freshness with every spray and the great thing about it is that the formula is fragrance, preservative and paraben-free.

Now what basically does this thermal spa water do must be the question going around in your head! Well, what does it do is it instantly hydrates my skin as soon as I spray it on to my face, calms my skin down, soothe my skin and works on reducing any itchiness or allergy on my face. It instantly refreshes my skin, gives it a cool feeling so I always keep it handy and use it after coming back from the sun to calm my skin down and for instant boost of freshness. I can’t say that it helps in reducing my acne, acne marks or even redness as it doesn’t work in this area and this is why I wouldn’t call it a wonder product even after knowing its numerous benefits! I’ve heard Avene thermal spa water works way better than this so I’m heading to that after I finish using this thermal water.Vichy Thermal Spa Water Review

BML Rating: 4/5

Pick or Ditch it:

Definitely pick it if you have dry, itchy, sensitive, rosacea prone skin as it works best for these skin issues while calming & soothing the skin and giving instant hydration and freshness.

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27 Responses to “Vichy Thermal Spa Water Review”

  1. Rini says:

    Sounds good. Have u used avene thermal spring water?

  2. Looks good for my dry skin..

  3. Heard a lot of great things about thermal waters. nice review, would get one soon

  4. Vaishu says:

    hmm might skip it then.. am too trd already for d ctm routine as m a lazy bug.. and for now after d big black marks caused by d allergy i ll buy anything that clears my face and i ll skip d rest :(

  5. Such an awesome affordable product to have.. nice review dear

  6. Prerna says:

    After this review, I truly think this deserves atleast one try this winter.

  7. Zubaida says:

    This product looks great for dry and sensitive skin, will look for it. Great review.

  8. Lancy says:

    This should be a great winter product!! And the pics are beautiful Arzoo.. Hope you are loving your new camera!

  9. Reshma (Ray) says:

    hi Arzoo….I am reading your bog after such a long tme & I must say, it looks great :)

  10. I like it too!
    very Clean pics Arzoo:)

  11. krithi says:

    might not suit my skin
    but nice review and nice pics gal

  12. mily says:

    I just reviewed it few days ago and have the same views..this is one excellent hydration mist!

  13. laks says:

    seems like a perfect option for my skin, will try it :)

  14. purva says:

    Hey arzoo ..i can see you love this mist..i am a little skeptical as to how it would behave on my oily skin..i am having a tough time dealing with it now a days..dont think i. Can experiment :(

  15. Niesha says:

    I have heard a lot about this product though I would like to start with the Avene one first.

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