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Today I will be sharing some of the skin’s enemies that are responsible for giving you dull, dry, uneven and wrinkle prone skin.

Top Enemies For All Skin Types

Dry, rough, taut, problematic skin can be the result of our improper lifestyle and not taking enough care of our skin. This is why it is important first to know the cause of skin problems and then finding their solution.Let me ask you all one question…

Just look at yourself in the mirror! Does your skin look as lively and clean as it should be. No it doesn’t!! So, first of all it is very important to know which are those things that makes the skin lose its beauty and elasticity. These are the main culprits that give us dull complexion or say “hamare chand se chehre par daag”.

1. Sunlight:

Sun is the biggest enemy of our skin. Exposure to sun can cause wrinkles, pigmentation, dry & blotchy skin and even skin cancer. Fair skin is more prone to damage from sun than dark skin.

2. Pimples:

Pimples are the enemy of beautiful skin. Occurrence of pimples are obvious in teen year because this is the time when hormonal changes takes place and skin produces more oil. The oil gets trapped in pores taking the form of big nasty pimples. This is why it is important to wash your face twice a day. Pimples can also be due to impurities of blood that is why most people believe that drinking blood purification syrup helps cure pimples.

3. Smoking:

According to dermatologist and skin expert, “Smoking decreases the blood circulation in skin”. Smoking constricts those blood vessels which serves nutrients to the skin and smoking one cigarette decreases up to 25 mg vitamin C from your body.┬áDermatologist believes vitamin C to be very good for skin and collagen formation. This is the reason that people who smoke are more prone to wrinkles than non-smokers because of depleted vitamin C in them.

4. Excessive Scrubbing:

Scrubbing your face more often can be dangerous for your skin because excessive scrubbing makes the skin red and layers start shedding off your skin. You may even notice sometimes that your skin is way too rough and dull despite of scrubbing everyday. You scrub thinking that you will get brighter and softer skin but doing it more often can reverse the case :( i.e skin may become rough, dry and red which no one wants.

5. Stress:

We all know that stress is the enemy of wellness. Stress is also the enemy of our skin because when we stress, our body releases a hormone named “adrenaline” and this hormone produces constriction in blood vessels due to which skin is not able to get enough oxygen.

6. Wrinkles:

In our 30s skin start showing wrinkles. But sometimes due to negligence, wrinkles may appear on our skin before time. This means if you didn’t protect your skin from ultraviolet rays then wrinkles will start developing on your face. Dryness can also lead to early wrinkles. So moisturize your skin well with a good moisturizer to avoid dryness and wrinkles.

7. Excessive Steam:

Steam does open pores but taking excess steam can do more harm than good. By excessively steaming your face, pores expands than their normal size because of which you could get more pimples and skin can become dull.

8. Insomnia:

Many of you may be suffering from insomnia nowadays but this is just a normal problem which you can easily deal with. I was also suffering from insomnia few days back but after bringing few changes in my lifestyle I sleep well at night and wake up early in the morning. You may have heard how sleeping for 7-8 hours can make your skin glow :) and do you know what can be the result if you don’t get enough sleep. You’d get dark circles, puffy eyes, dull looking face, early wrinkles, etc.

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