Top 12 Best Patanjali Products

Top 12 Best Patanjali Products

Today’s post is a compilation on top 12 Patanjali products. There is great response for Patanjali products and everyone is going gaga over Patanajli nowadays mainly because they are made of 98% natural ingredients and they are super affordable! So today, I’m sharing with you all the best products from Patanjali that are a must try if you are a Patanjali fan!

Top 12 Patanjali Products

Patanjali Rose Water:

Price: Rs. 25 for 120 ml

I have already reviewed the Patanjali rose-water and you can see me praising this rose-water in the post Here. think it’s the best and the purest rose-water I have ever used at this price!

Top 12 Patanjali Products

Patanjali Drishti Eye Drop:

Price: 25 for 15 ml

This is a miracle product, my sis and her friends are just crazy for this Drishti eye drop, it burns a bit that’s because of onions I guess but then it’ll clear your vision without having to rely on medication. I’m saying this to everyone reading this post, please do get this eye drops and start using it every day if you don’t want any problem with your eye vision or if you spend a lot of time in front of your computer or laptop.

Top 12 Patanjali Products

Patanjali Coconut Oil:

Price: 42 for 200 ml.

This is the only coconut oil I love and you’ll always find it in my cabinet. I think it’s the purest I could get at this price. By the way, if you read my mummy’s secret to less hair fall, then let me tell you, this is the coconut oil which she has been using since times immemorial. It suits her really well and cures her allergic reaction she usually gets on her head. This oil is double filtered and non-refined which makes it super-duper awesome. Coconut oil is a must in my hair care routine and so are some other oils because I mix 3-4 oils and then do a hot oil treatment.

Top 12 Patanjali Products

Patanjali Crack Heal Cream:

Price: 60 for 50 gm

Full of 21 jadi buti, this product is awesome and great for repairing cracked heels. Review Here.

Top 12 Patanjali Products

Patanjali Tejus Body Ubtan:

Price: 60 for 100 g

It contains almond, turmeric, different types of lentils, rice, etc.:yes: So natural and awesome, who wouldn’t want to use an herbal ubtan that is so easy to make. Ubtans are really great for giving softer, brighter and glowing skin.

Top 12 Patanjali Products

Patanjali Body Lotion:

Price: 60 for 100 ml

This body lotion moisturizes really well and gives a glow to my hands. Read the full review Here.

Top 12 Patanjali Products

Patanjali KantiLep:

Price: 60 for 50 g

It’s a powdered face pack which is applied after mixing either with rose water or raw milk. It has got the weirdest smell I have ever smelt in any product but it gives great results. It cures acne and acne marks. My sister can’t praise it enough, she likes it so much, I also do but not that much.

Top 12 Patanjali Products Patanjali Kesh Kanti Shampoo:

Price: 65 for 200 ml

I don’t think I need to say anything about this product, you can see its review. My mummy just loves this shampoo, what she has experienced from this, you can check out in this post Here.

Top 12 Patanjali Products

Patanjali Dental Cream:

Price: 68 for 200 g

My whole family has been using this paste for more than a year and everyone is in love with it. Mouth smells so fresh after brushing with this and all the natural ingredients makes it double good.

Top 12 Patanjali Products

Patanjali Aloevera Gel:

Price: 75 for 150 ml

This is the most raved product amongst all Patanjali products, it is so because it’s so effective. :-P What more can I say about it, it gets absorbed into my dry skin quickly and keeps my skin soft.

Top 12 Patanjali Products

Patanjali Junior Dental Cream:

Price: 85 for 100 g

I just love this product, it’s so cute, children flying along with the balloons  :chicken: My beau bought it for me, I said it’s for children and he said you are also a kiddo, brush your teeth with this, it’ll not harm your teeth. Even though I love my Colgate Visible White toothpaste a lot but I think I’ll take a break from it for some days and enjoy this little cutie.

Top 12 Patanjali Products

Patanjali Badam Rogan:

Price: 100 for 60 ml

This is also a must have product for me, I can’t stay without certain oils and almond oil is one among them. This is the only almond oil I have purchased numerous times till date and will continue to purchase forever. It is 100% almond oil that means you can trust on its purity.  :evilgrin: Check its review Here.

Top 12 Patanjali Products

That’s all I have in my list of top 12 Patanjali products. Hope you all liked it.

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  1. Richa Saxena says:

    Lovely Compilation Arzoo! I have never tried this Brand…
    The range is quite affordable…Would love to give some of this a try!

  2. Swati Reddy says:

    Am definitely getting the eye drops and ubtan..
    You have great stuffs :D

  3. Ashu says:

    I love Patanjali products. I cannot stop raving about the almond oil! Great compilation Arzoo :)

  4. thanks for this post.. will def get some of these to try, loved the post :yes: :-)

  5. Sangeeta says:

    Have tried some of the products. Will try the rest. Thanks for the post.

  6. Dollie says:

    I use the Dant Kanti toothpaste. My mom uses the shampoo and I tried it once but it made my dry hair even drier. Will get the junior tooth paste for the kids.

  7. Arzoo looks lik you are a total Patanjali product lover :-* …but I dunno where do I find these products in Bangalore ?:-) …Like you I love products in the purest form. I wanna try out rose water and coconut oil :-)) ..

    New post Nivea lip butter – Caramel cream review on my blog

    • Arzoo says:

      Not a lover as such but I always keep some natural products with me, you can get them online also I think or locate some Patanjali stores at your place. :yes: :rotfl:

  8. Radha says:

    OMg kitna products I have few Arzoo and loving them a lot am getting the utban soon :D

  9. subha says:

    Wow, that one nice compilation. Are their product available online, I want to try them badly after reading you review.

  10. subha says:

    Nice review. I want to try their products after reading your review.

  11. Jeanne says:

    Nice review of these products! I am actually always in front of my laptop, I think I need the eye drops. Will definitely purchase that.

  12. Esha says:

    OMG.. such an array of products.. :) :) I have to get that eye drop for sure :) I quite like Patanjali stuff myself.. but you’ve got me intrigued on a lot of these now.. awesome compilation arzoo :)

  13. Niesha says:

    I haven’t tried their products but Now it’s high time! good post !

  14. Patanjali products always make me curious. But they aren’t that easy to find.

  15. rachna says:

    omg so many…bookmarke this…will check this wen i vl go back to india!

  16. Vipra S says:

    Great compilation dear :) These are some great products .. Would love to try few of them :)

  17. Gayatri says:

    Thanks for this post. never knew about how patanjali products work. I’m definitel going to try the products you listed. :D

  18. Preeti Kaur says:

    Great quick list Arzoo :) I am ginna try a lot of these!

  19. shreya says:

    thanks to you I’ll defntly try this brand :)

  20. Arshi says:

    woooaaahhh nice collection. i want to try the aloe vera gel but i cant find anywhere in Kolkata :-(

  21. Tiny says:

    I have been hearing about the Patanjali products a lot these days and I have nt even seen them anywhere before :(
    I really want to try the rose water and utban..
    Gonna check if it would be available online :)

  22. Tiny says:

    Oh and the Aloe vera gel too

  23. Lovely Compilation dear.. I havent tried any of these but would love to start with the ALoe vera gel! :)

  24. tejinder says:

    awesome post…great products ..
    loved it totally..

  25. Megha says:

    Wow i need to try so many things. Kesh kanti n shampoo did not suit me!
    Really helpful post Arzoo <3

    • Arzoo says:

      Thanks dear, shampoo is like miss or hit for many, it may either suit you or may make your hair dry as far as I have seen girls commenting like this :yes:

  26. Aditi says:

    Very nice post..I use almost 90% of the products mentioned :D

  27. P G A says:

    hii…. Can i use patanjali rogan almond oil for oily and acne skin

  28. Mona says:

    When will patanjili products come in pakistan :-( i want to try each nd every products that u mention speially eye drops :-(

  29. shikha says:

    hi aarzoo. you know what even I am also a great great fan of patanjali products. just cant stop raving about these products. love love love

  30. lovepreet says:

    hie arzoo can u pls give rivew for ubtan
    i tried it on ma face n ma face was literally burning up
    is it safe to use again pls help yar………
    n one thing more u luk rilly preety n ur hairs are juzz awesum ….

    • Arzoo says:

      Ya sure Lovepreet, I would give a review on that, I think that’s a body ubtan and is not supposed to be on face that’s why your face may have burnt, don’t use it on face rather use it on your body, and thanks a lot for the compliment :D

  31. lovepreet says:

    awk n thnx a lot….

  32. Madhumita says:

    I would realy like to use these patanjali products after ur review specially kesh kanti these days i hav so much hair fall.

  33. andreea says:

    Hi,theese reviews are great and I would really love to try them out but I am not living in India…do they have a website?
    Thank you in advance:)

  34. Komal hinduja says:

    My family use dantkanti tootpaste from last 1 year.
    I drink alovera and amala jucies early morning with luke warm water.After reading review I will definitely try coconut n almond oils.
    thnk you for your review :-)

  35. Baishali says:

    the patanjali prdcts r great………… but the packaging are boring ! ritha and milk protien shampoo r just awesome ………… these r the best shampoo I ever use, my mom use the aloevera jel and it helps her to smoothen her skin from dryness

  36. swati says:

    um a huge fan of patanjali products … especialy alovera gel and kantilep.. these r cost effective yet much much more effective then expensive brands….. do try beauty creams also n aloe juice and amla juice coz they r phenomenal….highly recommendable n arzoo i must applaud u for d dis grt review :)

  37. RAMKI says:

    A good review.
    I’m already a user of Patanjali products.I feel they are good & reasonably priced,
    I wd like to try the Ubtan,though I make my own..

  38. Sonia says:

    Hello Arzoo. Already using patanjali dental cream . Its effective. I want to know can patanjali aloevera gel be used as moisturiser for combination skin. TIA

  39. Mercy rose says:


    I’m facing problem with sun turn, full skin problem, my face and my neck r black than my normal color, I tried many medicine and many home tips ntg worked I’m really frustrated, can u help me?

  40. rimpa says:

    I love kesh knti shampoo

  41. amit says:

    why are you (Patanjali) increase the price of your products. kindly reduce the prices of your products for that poor people must be used your nice products.

  42. Vicky Kumar says:

    I have face mask. How can I remove this face mask

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