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Best Alcohol Free Toners in India

Best Alcohol Free Toners in India: Our Top 10!

Best Alcohol Free Toners in India Have you experienced sudden breakouts or enlarged pores on your face? We know you hate it, but blame the imbalance of pH levels that brings sudden disrupts to your face. And if one thing that can help in restoring the pH level of your skin, it is the ‘T’ […]

New! Lakme Absolute Pore Fix Toner

La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water Review

Today I would be reviewing my favorite facial mist that has replaced toner in my skin care routine. I’m loving this facial mist and has almost finished using it. So here’s my review on La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water..

5 Homemade Toners For Acne Prone And Oily Skin

Toners are a vital part in any skin care routine. With regular use, toners can make skin appear youthful, taut, even textured, less oily, pimple free and even toned. Toners dry up the acne and help it to heal fast. Toners help to remove oily buildup, dirt, residue and dead skin cells and assist in […]

DIY Vitamin C Toner For Glowing Skin

Hey Everyone, I’m back with a DIY yet again! This time it’s a toner (yes a homemade toner), this toner will revive your dull skin and with daily usage will give you a glowing and brighter skin!

Lotus Herbals Professional Toner Review

Lotus Herbals Professional Toner Review    Hello Prettiest!!! I have already reviewed the Lotus Herbals Professional Cleanser and now it’s time for the review on the toner from this range. I am very consistent about my CTM routine and I always follow my cleanser with a toner no matter how tired I am. Please don’t […]

Patanjali Divya Rose Water Review

Hello Prettiest!!! Rose water is a staple product in my skin care routine and I think it should be a staple product in everyone’s skin care routine. You never know where it will come in use. Rose water can be used in homemade face packs, scrubs, as a toner, in powdered face packs, as eye […]