Tips and Toes D-Fine Water Resistant Eye Liner Review, Swatches and EOTD

Tips and Toes D-Fine Water Resistant Eye Liner
Hey Girls,

I haven’t reviewed an eye liner or a mascara yet on my blog, can you believe that :O shocking na, go search the blog, you won’t find any review on these two products! Gosh! I’m too lazy to review such products even though I own tons of them but now I have to be serious with makeup as well and bring all such product reviews for you all. So today I would be reviewing the Tips and Toes D-Fine Water Resistant Eye Liner which I have been using like crazy nowadays, if you ask me what is the one eye liner I always wear and love wearing, I would say this is it- Tips and Toes!!

Tips and Toes D-Fine Water Resistant Eye Liner ReviewPrice: Rs. 75 for 9 ml.

There is no product description, no shelf life, no price, no ingredient list, nothing mentioned on the product, you have to use it blindly thinking that it’s an eye liner which thank God is written on it or else I would have end up using it on my nails :D haha jokes apart.

My Take on Tips and Toes D-Fine Water Resistant Eye Liner:

This eye liner comes in a glass bottle which looks like a nail paint bottle but you won’t mistake it as a nail paint as it’s written on the front of the bottle- eye liner :D The applicator is thin, quite long and gives a very precise easy application. The eye liner is quite travel friendly despite being a glass bottle as I carried it with me to my trip and it didn’t leak or break anywhere as such!

Tips and Toes D-Fine Water Resistant Eye Liner ReviewThe eye liner is jet black in color which I love about it, the pigmentation is great and it is very easy to apply, I’m not fond of using liquid liners much and prefer using gel liners but this eye liner gives such easy application that it has become my go to eye liner, I can even use it in a hurry and still get the perfect line. It dries in 2-3 minutes which is again amazing as no one likes to wait for ages for their eye liner to dry and then open their eyes.

Coming to the staying power, let me tell you what I most like about this eye liner is its staying power. It stays for like 6-7 hours or even more than that if you don’t sleep or rub your eyes. See the pic where I wore this eye liner at 1 o’ clock and the pic was taken at 7 o’ clock and still it looks like it has been applied just before taking the pic!

Talking about its water-resistant claim, I really don’t think this eye liner is water proof or water-resistant, it comes off with water but does not come down with tears easily, so you can cry without fearing that your liner will come down ;)Tips and Toes D-Fine Water Resistant Eye Liner ReviewTips and Toes D-Fine Water Resistant Eye Liner ReviewSwatches:Tips and Toes D-Fine Water Resistant Eye Liner SwatchesEOTD:

Tips and Toes D-Fine Water Resistant Eye Liner Review, Swatches and EOTDPros of Tips and Toes D-Fine Water Resistant Eye Liner:

  • Inexpensive.
  • Nice long brush applicator.
  • Easy even application.
  • Does not burn or sting the eyes.
  • Amazing staying power.
  • Amazing pigmentation, in the sense that it is a jet black eye liner.
  • Takes one or two minutes to dry completely and not ages.
  • Enough quantity provided.
  • Does not smudge or flake.
  • Easily available.

Cons of Tips and Toes D-Fine Water Resistant Eye Liner:

  • No ingredient, no shelf life, nothing mentioned. I can’t even find it on the site.
  • Not completely water-resistant.
  • Glass packaging can be a con though I didn’t face any problem with the packaging till now.

BML Rating: 4/5

Have you tried the Tips and Toes D-Fine Water Resistant Eye Liner? What are your views about it?

PR Sample but my review is honest as always. I don’t like misguiding my readers and I don’t unnecessarily say good things about a product unless I personally find it good so you can definitely ignore the PR sample line as I don’t write my reviews under anyone’s pressure and my views are always unbiased and my own :D

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50 Responses to “Tips and Toes D-Fine Water Resistant Eye Liner Review, Swatches and EOTD”

  1. You applied the liner so well! Sounds really nice!

  2. sindhu says:

    you’ve got pretty eyes….. please make a tutorial post on how you style your hair…..i have long, silky straight hair. it looks flat and loses volume with most of the hairstyles i try out. i feel you too have the same hair type but rock the look in every style…. so please help

    • Arzoo says:

      Thank you Sindhu :)
      I’ll def do a tutorial on how I style my hair if you want me to do one but most of the time I leave them open on either of the side!
      You should try making puff or just comb your hair from back while making hairstyle, this will bring some volume to your hair or else I will do a tutorial on a volumized hairstyle :)

  3. Love the pictures.. it seems your photo studio is all set now :)

  4. mily says:

    it looks so black in the swatch..will definitely search for it…..

  5. Fatima says:

    Beautiful EOTD. And really you have such beautiful eyes. Talking of the eyeliner me to prefer gel liners, currently m using tips and toes gel liner. Will keep this in mind next time i go shopping, which is very soon !! Btw lovely pose with the cam.. :)

  6. Vaishu says:

    Awesome pics.. just love your eyes.. :inlove: this seem to be really cheap.. whr to find this brand? I find only eyetex and lakme here… and d cam is supercool :laugh:

  7. laks says:

    that’s a lovely click Arzoo. I can never apply liquid eye liner so well :|

  8. Megha says:

    u r looking fab Aroo. I am never good in applying liquid liners.

  9. Loved it on your eyes… hearing good reviews about the product

  10. Somdatta says:

    Looks and sounds wonderful! A good liner is so difficult to find especially which satisfies all criteria! The price is also so reasonable! Good find Arzoo! And I just love how you applied the liner! Simple yet classy! Plus the second picture of you with the camera, took my heart away :D You are such a cutie pie! :)) muuuahh :*

  11. Awesome review hun :) its so pocket friendly <3 <3

  12. tarry says:

    I love ur reviews Arzoo…

    so very honest… really …

    The FOTD is beautiful but I would have loved a full face… U should do more FOTDs dear …

    my latest :

  13. looks nice on you..i wish it was water resistant..i am yet to come across my HG eyeliner.

  14. Simera says:

    This liner looks amazing. I love the unique packaging too.

  15. Preeti Kaur says:

    Never used anything from this brand. By the way, you are looking like a cutie :) :-*

  16. Rashmi says:

    Nice review dear…it sounds really impressive for the price…:-)

  17. nausheen says:

    The liner looks gorgeous on your eyes, i loved the way you appliedit :)

  18. So beautifully done Arzooo.. <3 and u look absolutely grgs dear,… :-*
    ur hairdo looks fab!! :)

  19. harshi says:

    I recently came across your blog…n i must say pretty impressive! Will try this eye liner.

  20. preethiprasad says:

    Awesome..u look stunning

  21. Richa Saxena says: look so very adorable! I loved the shot :)
    This really sounds like an amazing liner nd value for money!

  22. Shreya says:

    I tried it recently and loved it. Excellent review dear and you look super gorgeous :*

  23. Esha says:

    Woo hoo lovely pics ;) Loved your EOTD too :)

  24. Niesha says:

    You look so pretty Arzoo! You are gorgeous! :*I loved the mirror picture. :) really wanna learn that. Coming to this liner, it’s pigmentation is crazy and I am liking it a lot for that. :)

    • Arzoo says:

      Thanks a ton dear :-* aww you need not learn anything, you are an expert in everything, you will stand in the mirror and the pic would come out amazing itself. Do try it out dear, you’ll love it!

  25. Manisha says:

    Nice review. This is such a budget friendly eye liner. You look beautiful.

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