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Global Beauty Secret- Part 1

This post is about what different countries’ women do to stay beautiful. Every women wants to look beautiful and they do whatever it takes to maintain their beauty and hair. These ancient secrets from around the world are sure to make you look and feel fabulous. Today I will share with you the global beauty secrets […]

DIY Chocolate Beauty Mask

Hi All!! I haven’t done a DIY yet so today I will show you all a luxurious and yummy DIY which you probably can not eat but you can use it on your skin 😉 This DIY will help increase the hydration in your skin, tighten your pores, and will protect your skin against sun […]

Skin’s Best Friends

Hello Ladies!! In my last post, I talked about Top Enemies for all Skin Types and today I will tell you what are some of the skin’s best friends that can win over the enemies of skin. While the skin’s enemies harm your skin in every way, these skin’s best friends will benefit your skin […]

VLCC Gold Scrub Review

Hi Everyone!! How are you all doing? It’s monday so you all wouldn’t be doing great, I know. But I have got a beauty dose for you and I am here with a review of a scrub from VLCC. Gold in a scrub sounds too expensive and it should be, after all gold prices are […]

Garnier BB Cream Review

Hi Everyone!! This is my first makeup product review on my blog.. This BB cream is one of my favorite BB creams available in India. I use it whenever I go out, just a dollop of this BB cream and a touchup of compact powder and I am good to go.

5 Essential Nutritious Elements

Hey Everyone!! We all need some healthy elements daily to get going (in the sense for the proper functioning of all our organs). But these five essential elements are very important to be included in everyone’s diet because most of our diet lacks these elements. If we don’t get these five nutritious elements in our […]