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How I Got Rid of Acne Scars

I had dealt with acne and acne scars for almost 8 years and tried every possible acne scar remedy, medicine and product that there is. I researched a lot on how to get rid of the acne permanently and saw a medicine named ‘Accutane’ which apparently everyone sweared by to get rid of the acne […]

My Skin Care Routine featuring The Natural Wash Products

My skin care has been quite simple lately – cleanse, tone and moisturize. But with that said, I try to include some extra products here and there like a face pack once or twice week, a chemical exfoliator like a glycolic toner or an aha bha face mask once in 15 days. I haven been […]

Everteen Bikini Line Hair Remover Cream

Everteen introduces India’s first Bikini Line Hair Remover Cream. Although, there are many hair removal creams available in the market, this one is definitely one of its kind.

Nature Sure Pores and Marks Oil

Nature Sure Pores and Marks Oil – for enlarged skin pores, stretch marks, and fine lines

Zenith Vitamin C Dietary Supplement

Zenith Vitamin C Dietary Supplement Vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid) is found in copious amounts in vegetables and fruits. A water-soluble vitamin and powerful antioxidant, it supports the body form and maintain connection tissue, bones, blood vessels, and skin. Zenith Vitamin C Dietary Supplement can help individuals not only overcome this deficiency but […]

5 Products I Would Repurchase

5 Products I Would Repurchase Hey Everyone, Let me first admit and tell you all a fact about me. I’s very hard, nearly impossible for me or say a beauty blogger in me to repurchase anything as I have to keep on testing new products for review and I can’t really purchase a product again. […]

Morning Skin Care Routine

Hello Everyone! This is my 100th post on my blog and I am so excited that I’ve reached here so soon. Thank you all for showing so much love and support, I really appreciate how people are liking my work and accepted me really fast as a blogger. Today I will guide you through how […]

Lotus Herbals Professional Toner Review

Lotus Herbals Professional Toner Review    Hello Prettiest!!! I have already reviewed the Lotus Herbals Professional Cleanser and now it’s time for the review on the toner from this range. I am very consistent about my CTM routine and I always follow my cleanser with a toner no matter how tired I am. Please don’t […]

Lotus Herbals Professional Cleanser Review and Demo

Lotus Herbals Professional Cleanser    Winters are almost here and everyone with dry skin are looking for products that could battle their dry skin as dry skin is the major issue in winters. If not all, atleast I started searching for products for my dry skin. I bought this cleanser long back but didn’t use […]

DIY Scrub For Brighter Skin

Hello Prettiest!!! Today it’s a DIY again, I know how people went gaga on my last two DIYs that’s why I thought to share another unique and useful DIY which is absolutely easy to make. So here goes the pic for the whole DIY, didn’t understand anything from it then continue reading it to know exactly […]