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Makeup Products I Finished Using!

Makeup Products I Finished Using! It happens very rare with me that I ever finish using a makeup product and it might be happening for the first time with me that I finished using some makeup products, that’s because I have been using a lot of makeup ever since I got married. And that’s when […]

My Most Used Products!!

Today I would be showing you some of my most used makeup products. I use them the most because I love these products!! And what I love using on my skin is definitely worth sharing with you all since one or the other girl keeps on asking me to do a post on my most […]

Oriflame Products Haul

Hi Girls, :) This is the most awaited haul post I wanted to do but the products took really long to finally reach me and moreover I didn’t get some of the products I badly needed because they were out of stock. Well, no worries, will order them the next month.