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Best Body Lotions for Dry Skin in Winters

Best Body Lotions for Dry Skin In Winters: Our Top Picks!

Best Body Lotions for Dry Skin In Winters Winter is almost knocking on the door and it is time to bring out the hydrating moisturizers, lotions and lip balms. Indian weather is more the tropical side and applying moisturizer once a day or two is fine because the climate is mostly sultry and hot. But […]

Jergens Age Defying Multi-Vitamin Moisturizer Review

Jergens Age Defying Multi-Vitamin Moisturizer Review Hi Gorgeous, Today I would be reviewing a body lotion that I have been using for past few weeks. I’m loving it as it keep my dry skin soft, hydrated and plumped all throughout the day. Move on to read the review.

Elovera IMF Intense Moisturizing Formula Cream Review

Today I’ll be reviewing Elovera IMF Intense Moisturizing Formula Cream which is a medicated cream. I know it’s out of the cosmetic league but I really wanted to share it as I love this cream so thought you might also want to give it a try! So without much ado, let’s move on to read my […]

How to Determine Your Skin Type at Home

Most of us don’t know what skin type we’ve got but knowing our skin type is the first important step to effective skin care! Still confused what skin type you have? Then worry not coz I got ya covered!

Aroma Magic Lavender Face Wash Review

Aroma Magic Lavender Face Wash Review       Today I would be reviewing Aroma Magic Lavender Face Wash for dry skin. It’s one of that face washes in which I tried my level best to find a con but couldn’t up come with any. Read on to know why I’m unable to find any con in […]

Innisfree Olive Real Lotion Review, Swatches

Hi Prettiest!! Today I’ll be reviewing Innisfree Olive Real Lotion with Organic extra Virgin Olive Oil. I know the name is too long but let’s straight move on to the review.

Innisfree It’s Real Acai Berry Mask Review, Swatches

Hi Prettiest :) Not so happy with the results of Manuka honey sheet mask, I tried my luck with another sheet mask from Innisfree which I bought in my haul, it’s the Innisfree Acai Berry Mask. The main ingredient is really tempting and does wonders for skin, move on to know how it fared for […]

Innisfree It’s Real Manuka Honey Mask Review

Hi prettiest!! Today I will be reviewing another product from my Innisfree haul– Innisfree It’s Real Manuka Honey Mask. As cleared by its name, this mask is basically for dry skin. Manuka honey is a very good ingredient for dry skin.

Parachute Advansed Soft Touch Body Lotion Review

Hi Girls, :) Today I’m reviewing the body lotion I’m currently using and loving – Parachute Advansed in Soft Touch Dry Skin variant.

Avon Care Nourishing Face Wash Review

Hi Girls!!  I want to review more and more of nourishing and moisturizing products as winter is approaching and dry skin is the major issue in winters and everyone wants that their skin remains soft and moisturized in this weather. So this is the reason, I’m reviewing more products that nourishes and softens the skin. […]