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Morning Skin Care Routine

Hello Everyone! This is my 100th post on my blog and I am so excited that I’ve reached here so soon. Thank you all for showing so much love and support, I really appreciate how people are liking my work and accepted me really fast as a blogger. Today I will guide you through how […]

My Top 5 Beauty Tips

Hi Girls, Few weeks back, when my friends saw my pics for the first time and some after really long, I was filled with compliments that I have really good skin. Well, my skin is not that perfect but yes I agree, I have good skin. I didn’t have it but I’ve managed to keep […]

Global Beauty Secret- Part 2

Hello Prettiest!! I know I am too late on this post, sorry girls but I am finally here to unveil more beauty secrets from across the world. You can check out the first part HERE if you haven’t checked it yet.

Top Enemies For All Skin Types

Hi Everyone!! Today I will be sharing some of the skin’s enemies that are responsible for giving you dull, dry, uneven and wrinkle prone skin. Dry, rough, taut, problematic skin can be the result of our improper lifestyle and not taking enough care of our skin. This is why it is important first to know […]

All About Face Mask

I think no one needs an introduction to what a face mask is. Everyone is well aware of what is a face mask and how to use it but there is more than that of which you are not aware. Face mask is of various types like sheet mask, peel-off mask, whitening mask, gel mask, firming […]

Special Lip Packs

Lips are the sensitive part of our skin. They need some special care and love so that they may not lose their natural colour and beauty. As I have mentioned earlier in my third post how to take care of lips this is just a step further to include some packs in your lips’ regime. […]

5 Skin Care Tips

Hi everyone!! I am back with another post but this time it’s not a review in fact this time it’s about some basic skin care tips that will get you the skin you’ve always desired. When I follow these tips consistently, I get to see a nice glow on my skin. This is why I […]