My Sunscreen Collection

Hello Girls…

My Sunscreen Collection

When I did the versatile blogger award tag, I mentioned in it that I am a complete sunscreen addict and said that I will show you all my sunscreen collection. So today, I’m here to show you how many sunscreens I own currently, I have used every possible SPF in the market and my sunscreen wishlist is never ending, I just want more and more of them. Here’s a sneak peek of my sunscreen collection..

My Sunscreen Collection

Lotus Sunscreens:

My Sunscreen CollectionI just love my Lotus sunscreen, I think they are the best among all brands I have used that is why I have many from their range.

VLCC Sunscreens:

My  Sunscreen Collection

I have used almost every sunscreen from VLCC but currently I own only these two. VLCC sunscreens are good but they make me sweat a lot and oily though my skin type is dry.


My Sunscreen Collection


My Sunscreen Collection


Sunscreen Collection


My Sunscreen CollectionI have not used many sunscreens from Ayur but wanted to try some so thought of giving this one a try.


Sunscreen Collection


Sunscreen CollectionThis is one of my favourite sunscreens, it gets absorbed quickly and does not make skin oily. I will soon do a review on this sunscreen as I feel everyone should try this affordable and great sunscreen once.

Nature’s Essence:

Sunscreen Collection

I have reviewed this sunscreen and felt it quite nice for my dry skin, it neither dries out the skin nor makes it oily. :yes: This is what I want from every skin care product, at least from sunscreen because although my skin type is dry, I don’t want to make it oily in any way, I just hate that oil factory look on my face.

This is what I have currently in my sunscreen collection, I’ll keep you updated with more sunscreens I buy, till then wait for reviews on these sunscreens.  :yes:

If you want to see a review on any of the above sunscreens or other than this, tell me in the comments, I’ll be more happy to listen to my readers’ request..  :party:  :clap:

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46 Responses to “My Sunscreen Collection”

  1. Vipra S says:

    Gosh !! OMG – Its drool worthy ! Loved it <3
    Amazing compilation sweets :*

  2. Gowthami says:

    Really!! You literally have a shop at home lol :P Great collection :)

  3. rachna says:

    omg so many…will u be able to use them dear!

  4. subha says:

    Wow that’s an awesome collection. After seeing your post I have decided to try lotus sun screen lotion.

  5. Esha says:

    OMG…I fainted.. some addict you are 8-) 8-)
    Please review the green one from lotus :) :-D

  6. srinjla says:

    omg… many
    open a sunscreen shop :-P

  7. Sangeeta says:

    That’s one hell of a collection. I have 2 or 3 max at any point in time.

  8. Niesha says:

    OMG!!! You have a great sunscreen collection! But it’s good that you use sunscreens as it has many benefits and prevents premature lines. Great! :)

  9. Arshi says:

    ohhhhh Myyyyy Gooooooodddddddd. this is crazyyyy. i have never heard of a sunscreen addict ever in my life. Great going Arzoo

    • Arzoo says:

      So this is your first time seeing a sunscreen addict ;-) Hahaha, you all seem so shocked and if you get to know how fast I finish up my sunscreen you’ll go mad then :-D :laugh: Thanks :snicker:

  10. Radha says:

    OMG Arzoo you are a sunscreen Junkie never seen like this collection :D awesome

  11. Aditi says:

    OMG! You are a hoarder!

  12. tejinder says:

    OMG arzoo…awesome collection…great compilation post…

    check out my ksrwachuth post :

  13. oh my goodness.. so if i need a sunscreen suggestion i know whom to ask.. great collection u have.. :-D

  14. Richa Saxena says:

    Oh My goodness! You really are a sunscreen addict… :)
    Lovely Post dear…Next time I need to know of any sunscreens I am coming to you…

  15. Swati Reddy says:

    I think you must be now okay with our partnership :P
    Awesome collection dear :-*

  16. Sooooooo manyyyyyyy:):):) 18 !!!! I counted!!!
    Green lotus review plz!

  17. sahana says:

    Whaaaaat! So manyyyy!

    Jealous. I have like 2 sunscreens, thats all.

  18. Vaishali Acharya says:

    awsome collection yaar…. :) :) great post… 8-)

  19. ritu sharma says:

    Dear i have heard high SPF or beyond 30 is very harmful to skin so please aware about this well to people

  20. Vaishali Raj says:

    Which type of sunscream will suit me n give me d best results. I hv dry skin nd when i use sunscream like lotus…my skin become oily n smtym hv sm acne. And plz also suggest me about moisturizer…i mean which is best after morning face wash. M really confused!! :-((

    • Arzoo says:

      If you want sunscreen that does not dries out your skin nor makes it oily, I’d advice you to use Lotus’ professional range, it’s really good besides giving a glow it does not feel heavy unlike other sunscreens, can you see oxyglow sunscreen in my collection, it’s totally worth it, gets absorbed in an instant without being oily or dry, try it. :laugh: :yes:

  21. Megha says:

    omg sunscreen lover. This is really a droolworthy collection <3

  22. Asmitha says:

    Jaw dropping collection!! Never seen such an addict!!

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