Summer Bath Essentials

Summer Bath Essentials
Hi Girls,

Today I would be guiding you on the basic summer bath essentials you need to keep in your bathroom to deal with the hot summer season and keep your skin fresh and soft. Girls keep hundreds of things in their makeup kit, in their handbag, in drawers and every possible space but what about your bathroom? Are you keeping the basic bath essentials in your bathroom? If not then let’s move on to read what you should keep in your bathroom to make your skin summer ready!Summer Bath EssentialsSummer Bath Essentials:

Body Wash/Shower Gel: You need a body wash to start your bath routine with but if you prefer soaps, that’s completely okay! I like taking bath with shower gels as they are less drying and has less surfactants than a soap! If you don’t use a body wash, I suggest you to start using it as they are more hydrating than soaps and comes with lesser chemicals and gentle formula which won’t dry out the skin!

Body Scrub: If you use a loofah, body gloves or any other exfoliating method, you don’t really need a body scrub but if you find every other exfoliating method too harsh for your skin, switch to body scrubs as they are less damaging and gentle on skin and has creamy texture too which moisturizes the skin along with exfoliating! I love using different types of exfoliation for my body, so scrub is also an essential for me, you can even use your face scrub on your body that has a bit harsh granules like I always do! I use my face scrub which has gritty harsh granules on my body to exfoliate it weekly!

Body Lotion: You should always keep a bottle of body lotion in your bathroom and use it after patting your skin dry! This way, the lotion absorbs better and keeps the skin moisturized for the rest of the day! Use a body lotion with SPF after taking bath, you know you will be facing the sun ahead in the day, so use a SPF body lotion but don’t keep a lotion with a pump dispenser in your bathroom if you are taking bath with warm water as bacteria can seep in through the pump of the lotion bottle and then back onto your body which is really unhygienic, you wouldn’t want that, right?

Body Mist/Body Spray: Body mist smells amazing, will keep you fresh all day and comes with moisturizing properties which will moisturize your body lightly with every spritz as well as will leave a sweet girly touch of scent which stays quite long than a regular deodorant! Second option is the regular deodorant if you can’t find body mist easily, go for a girly fragrance which is floral as it feels very refreshing and calming in hot summer weather!

Powder: Summer is all about keeping your skin matte and sweat free, then why stay away from powder? Use a powder after patting your skin dry and stay fresh all day with a good floral smell!

Shaving Cream: If you like using shaving creams to get rid of unwanted hair, then you should use it when you are taking bath, it saves a lot of time and the steam from the water in your bathroom helps it work better by opening up the pores!

Razor: If you like using razor, then what better place is it to use it than your bathroom? I’m sure you all keep a razor in your bathroom, again it saves time, use it when you are taking bath and don’t ever use a razor on dry skin, that way you would be getting more cuts, scratches and rough skin! Use a conditioner on your body if you don’t have a shaving cream or any other cream to work up with razor, conditioner comes really handy when you don’t have a shaving or any other cream in your bathroom! The razor will glide easily without creating any cut if you use a conditioner before using a razor, tried and tested!

Roll on Deo: This is a summer bath essential list and many of you face a problem of sweating in summer! You come out taking a bath and you see yourself sweating, that’s just not done! You need a way to deal with the sweat and this is where roll on deo comes handy. If you sweat excessively and sweat leaves a mark on your clothes then I would suggest you to use fresh lemon peel or lemon juice on your underarms daily in the morning and squeeze half a lemon in your bath water. Lemon will kill the bacteria, shrink down the pores and will make you sweat less! After then, rub your towel hard on the underarm area not like rubbing a brick, just hard than you rub the rest of the body and when it’s fully dry, use a roll on deo before coming out of the bathroom. The roll on deo will keep you fresh and sweat free for atleast 4-5 hours if not more than that!

2014-04-04Shampoo: I’m sure you all keep a bottle of a shampoo in your bathroom but if you don’t then I suggest you to keep one, schedule a time of washing your hair thrice a week in the morning and use it to wash your hair while taking bath! Also include a clarifying shampoo in your summer routine as heat and dirt takes a troll on the hair making them dull, dry and damaged! Use a clarifying shampoo once a fortnight to get rid of scalp buildup and a regular shampoo thrice a week!

Conditioner: Conditioner comes after a shampoo, duh, who doesn’t know that? You have used a shampoo, that’s good but but but, are you missing on conditioning your hair? If you do, I think you may be doing a crime to your hair, seriously that’s a crime in the book of HAIR, conditioner is as essential as a shampoo, sometimes even more if you’ve got dry, rough hair! You should use a conditioner every time you use a shampoo, like if you shampoo thrice a week, you have to even condition thrice a week! Apply conditioner to only the ends of the hair, leave it for 2-3 minutes, for 9-10 minutes if you have some spare time and wash it off! Wash your hair with cold water as a last rinse which will seal the cuticles and will give more shine to your hair!

Hair Mask: You should also keep a tub of hair mask in your bathroom, I’m noy trying to make your bathroom congested I swear, just trying to make it more organised Hair masks are great for deep conditioning the hair and for providing more nourishment to dull, dry and damaged hair. Use a hair mask once a week and if you have damaged, excessively rough hair, replace the conditioner with a hair mask and use it every time you shampoo your hair rather than using a conditioner! I always keep a hair mask in my bathroom along with the shampoo and the conditioner bottle! Currently, I’m using Loreal total repair 5 hair masque and find it quite good!

Foot File: Summers! So you will be wearing flip flops a lot? Wearing open footwear means cracked heels and dirt penetrating in your heels causing them to worsen more! You gotta keep a foot file in your bathroom and use it every morning to slough away any dead cells on your foot and prevent yourself from any foot infection, cracked heels and rough skin! I always keep a foot file and also a foot scrub in my bathroom! After all, feet are not something that you can neglect, you should care for every part of your body if you want to look good from top to bottom!

Loofah: If you use a body wash rather than soap like I do, you also will need a loofah to work up that body wash! Loofah lathers the body wash well and exfoliates the skin leaving your skin fresh and clean!

Face Wash: It’s good to use a face wash while taking bath, now don’t ask me why! Don’t worry, I was still gonna reveal it! The steam from the hot water will open up the pores making your face wash work better and deeper into your skin clearing out all the junk and dirt! It also saves a lot of time when you are in a hurry, so keep your face wash in your bathroom cabinet and do half of your skin care while taking a bath!

Face Mask: I love using masks while taking bath. Reason! I don’t waste much time waiting for the mask to dry, it dries while I’m taking bath and I always love using a mask in the morning than using it at night! I use scrubs at night and masks in the morning for instant freshness and brighter looking skin! Scrub at night coz freshly exfoliated skin will be more sun-sensitive!

That’s it! I have included the basic bath essentials you should keep in your bathroom for the coming summers, if there’s more than this in your bathroom cabinet then girl, you are def a skincare freak!

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  1. Simera says:

    I really need to try a good hair mask. I usually only use shampoo and conditioner and sometimes I use Argan Oil.
    Great post Arzoo.

  2. Ramya Rao says:

    very informative….. great going.. looking forward for more posts lik this arzoo :-) :-) :-) :) :)

  3. This is a much needed post hun…the only things that I need to get are hair mask and powder :-)

  4. laks says:

    I need to get a good face mask and hair mask :D .

  5. Gowthami says:

    Loved the post dear! I just bought few of the above today :P

  6. nausheen says:

    Nice post, i bought loofah and aroma magic tea tree face wash today :D

  7. Mayuri says:

    awesome post darling! I have all things in place except for body mist which I keep in my closet! very informative. thanks for sharing :)

  8. preethiprasad says:

    Great post…but I prefer soap than shower gels especially for indian summers..

    • Arzoo says:

      Thank you Preethi, I have stopped using soaps and if I have to take bath with a soap, it would be none other than Dove soap as it’s so gentle and moisturizing :D

  9. Vaishu says:

    I stopped using body wash and ended up with soap as loofah makes my skin red with rashes :( i am also searching for a body scrub to reduce the tan and am still searching :D never know hair mask r manditory :shock: loreal doesnt work for my hair so i d better search sumothr brand if somethin ctrls d frizz i d be very happy :D face mask? Noted down lemme get 1.. i use foot scrub and file once in a week and that wirks good and also having 8 am classes daily makes me rush :snicker: and yes i hv d rest in place :-))
    Once again such an useful post that i d even spend my whole day reading it as i sweat like i just bathed in summer.. so anythig that could keep me fresh and sweat free will be the first in my list,. And yes the lemon idea.. am gna try it frm today.. its just wow… amazing idea :laugh:

    Thank u so much for the summer post… just awesome … :-*

    • Arzoo says:

      Oh my you are allergic to everything :P sensitive skin is really a pain. Nature’s Essence has some face and body scrub, do try that out, as all its products are so good, I’m sure that will work out! Ya hair masks as important as a conditioner in your hair care routine, like you use a face mask every week to pamper your skin, same way you need a hair mask weekly to pamper and condition your hair.
      Oh my, whole day for reading this single post, I’m sure you are going deep within my post, toh din me ek kafi hai I guess ;) to keep you busy whole day :-P Try the lemon juice one, it seriously works and yes will be soon coming up with a post on how to beat summer heat :yes:

      • Vaishu says:

        Hahaha.. yes, almost everything.. :laugh: thats y i stopped using cosmetics for years incl my teenage :( natures essence is one of the brand that i trust d most due to its neem n aloevera facewash ♡ i am in love with it…and thnks :) haha… yes i ll read and go hunt those if i like it… bus ek? I d go crazy reloading d site again n again for new posts :P yup did d lmn juc one :D its nice.. i didnt go out in sun so cant figure it out completely but am sure it will work wen i roam out too :D scrub, hair n face mask r wat i wanna shop.. got assesment exams this week.. wonder if i ll go out n shop :( wow i am waiting for that.. till now i only changed my food routine with fruit juices and coconut milk n water.. wearig thin clothes make me feel uncomfortable as they may stick wen it sweats and bcm trasparent so i didnt go for new clothes yet .. hair bun, sunscreen, summer fresh lotion, tan removal cream r d only things i spoted till now.. so lemme wait for ur post to learn more before i buy anything :))

        • Arzoo says:

          Hehe I’m not getting time nowadays to write 2 posts a day or else I feel like writing two posts a day! Ya the lemon juice trick will work really good, will keep you fresh, if you do it regularly, it will lighten the underarms as well along with reducing your body’s capacity to produce sweat. And don’t go crazy over cosmetics, first finish and pass your exams nicely. Those are some really good changes you made in your routine, coconut milk and water are amazing refreshing drinks which also helps a lot to improve the skin tone. Ya, thin clothes can be embarrassing sometimes, try to wear more cotton and white colored clothes. Will take out some time and write that post soon )

          • Vaishu says:

            Oh.. blogging has its own difficulties :-| oh really? In that case am never gonna miss that.. even nivea whitening thing lightens the underarms so it wud b better if i try both :D lemon has a 2 in 1 effect then :)) yes internal assesment xams.. on sunday too :cry: do coconut products improve skin tone, really? Thats completely a new info.. and yea shd wrk on d drs slectn more.. ?:-)

            • Arzoo says:

              Ya so much difficulties, the ones you can’t even imagine! Yup use both together, you will see good results. And all the best for your exams, hope you get good marks if you go away from my blog and study something :P
              Ya coconut if taken internally improves the skin tone and externally is a good antioxidant and moisturizes the skin.

  10. Aayushi says:

    Nicely informative post …

  11. Vaishali Acharya says:

    Awesome post… I like it…

  12. Megha says:

    Face wash has become must for me these days! Great post dear :)

  13. a nice post dear.. will check my list soon and add what is missing :)

  14. tejinder says:

    Very informative post dear..bookmarked…:):)

  15. Arpita♥ says:

    I agree with each item on the list! All are essentials for me too- especially the shower gel :)) Lovely post dearie :D

  16. pragya says:

    thanks for the checklist girl!!! I am up to date… wait.. roll on is missing!!! :-P :-P :-P ….will pick it up ASAP!!!!..grat post baby.. keep coming with more of these!!

  17. Esha says:

    I use most of these Arzoo :) Lovely list :)

  18. Niesha says:

    Great post!! For me a foot file and hair mask is a must. :)
    happy weekend! :)

  19. rose says:

    lovely post dear… deo is a must have for me during summers :D

  20. Rashmi says:

    Great post sweetheart…you always come up with such informative and useful posts…thx for sharing this much needed one for summers…. :-) :-))

  21. Snigdha says:

    great post arzoo…me also love applying body wash rather than soaps…BDW hows that loreal hair mask…?? i hv dry hair and i think u also have na??

    • Arzoo says:

      Thanks Snigdha di, ya that works decently, leaves my hair feeling soft but nothing beats the L’oreal professional range, the masks from that range are just awesome :yes:

  22. Fatima says:

    Perfectly compiled arzoo

  23. Somdatta says:

    another excellent compilation my love! very very informative :) YOu know when I used that L’oreal total repair in india, when i first came ( i was in India for a visit) , it worked so well! So, I bought 2-3 and bought them together with me. And then they didn’t work at all on me here :( Sometimes, such strange things happen :(

    • Arzoo says:

      Aww thank you so much Som, I like it when you appreciate my efforts so much and express it in your sweet words. Happens, some things stops working due to the change in weather, water, different climate condition and for you toh it was country change, must be something with that change and not with the mask I guess :))

  24. Lovely compilation hun…Thats a perfect summer bath ready list…Have made a checklist already…Thx hun <3 <3

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