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Streetwear Megashine Lip Gloss- Party Melon, Smitten by Pink

Streetwear Color Rich Perfection Foundation & Compact

Streetwear Color Rich Lipstick Pink Persuasion Review

Streetwear Color Rich Lipstick Pink Persuasion Review Streetwear lipsticks are hitting the beauty block with their cute packaging and fun shades. My favorite shade among all the shades I got is Pink Persuasion which I’d be reviewing today. I always get compliments as to how cute I look when I wear this shade :)

New In- Nail Paints (Maybelline, Revlon, Streetwear)

I recently picked a bunch of nail paints from 3 different brands– Revlon’s newly launched Parfumerie scented nail enamel, Maybelline Colorshow Glitter Mania and Streetwear Color Rich Nail Enamel.

7 Streetwear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick Swatches

I recently hauled some lipsticks and nail paints and ever since I got them, I have been planning to do their swatches. So today I’ll be doing the swatches of new Streetwear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipsticks which has become talk of the beauty block due to their affordability, cute packaging and funky shades!

7 Street Wear Color Rich Nail Paint Shades, Price, Swatches

7 Street Wear Color Rich Nail Paint Shades, Price, Swatches Streetwear products are spreading its magic all over the bloggersphere. Every girl is kinda obsessed with their cute revamped packaging and improved quality. I picked up 7 shades, planning to pick up few more since I’m loving the quality and funky colors this range has […]

My Most Used Products!!

Today I would be showing you some of my most used makeup products. I use them the most because I love these products!! And what I love using on my skin is definitely worth sharing with you all since one or the other girl keeps on asking me to do a post on my most […]

Streetwear Makeup Remover Review and Demo

Streetwear Makeup Remover Review Hi Gorgeous :) In today’s review I bring you the cheapest makeup remover I have been using for the past couple of weeks! Does it sounds clingy? Well, never mind, I had this opening line in mind for this review so I just wrote it ;)

Streetwear Nail Color Remover Review

Streetwear Nail Color Remover Review Hi Gorgeous, I guess I haven’t reviewed a nail paint remover yet on the blog though I use them very often! The only reason is that I feel lazy to do such reviews but never mind, I’ve made a mind to do all sorts of reviews to help you choose […]

Makeup Removers Calling Out For Reviews

Hi Girls, So it’s been really long since I reviewed a makeup remover on the blog and this calls for review of makeup removers that I have been using lately. There are 4 makeup removers that are with me that haven’t been reviewed yet and I have used 3 out of them. Let’s move on […]