Sephora Smooth Nail Polish Remover Review

Sephora Smooth Nail Polish Remover Review
Hi Girls,

Sephora Smooth Nail Polish Remover ReviewPrice: Rs. 480 for 125 ml

Product Claims:

  • Formulated without acetone or parabens
  • Easily removes all nail polishes, even long wearing ones
  • So gentle you can change nail polish as often as you like

Sephora Smooth Nail Polish Remover Review

My Take on Sephora Smooth Nail Polish Remover:

Sephora Smooth Nail Polish Remover comes in a see through red plastic bottle with a screw cap and a nozzle to dispense the product out! The remover claims to be free of parabens and acetone but it still has some sort of alcohol in it as I can feel from its smell and also noticed alcohol in the ingredient list.

The nail polish remover definitely removes all sorts of nail polish easily even the ones with long wearing formula and glittery ones without making nails rough or dry. It’s said that acetone free removers aren’t much effective in removing glitter nail polish but I would disagree on this as this nail polish remover removes even glitter nail paints quite easily. It does not make nails yellow or weak even with continuous use so this would be on my buy list all the time. Love how gentle and fast working this remover is, it removes nail paint easily with just a small amount so I’m sure the bottle will last me really long! It does not evaporate even if the bottle is left and the great thing is that it is dermatologist tested so no harm on nails. The only downside of this remover is that it also smells funky like most nail polish removers but in moderation.Sephora Smooth Nail Polish RemoverSephora Smooth Nail Polish Remover Review

BML Rating: 4.8/5

Have you tried the¬†Sephora Smooth Nail Polish Remover? If not, do give it a shot, I’m sure you’ll love it!

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18 Responses to “Sephora Smooth Nail Polish Remover Review”

  1. Megha says:

    Beautiful pics Aroo especially second last one <3 This seems to do its job well! I usually prefer wipes but will buy it next!

  2. Rashmi says:

    I have tried this one!! And love it absolutely!! A little cheaper than the colorbar one ? or is the quantity diff >>?

  3. nausheen says:

    Beautiful pics dear, I am loving that golden ‘dhol’ in the last pic:)
    will love to try this remover :)

  4. Lancy says:

    Sounds like a great one! I am currently in search of nail polish remover pads..

    Well reviewed Arzoo!

  5. Shreya says:

    lovely review dear :*

  6. laks says:

    nice review :) beautiful clicks Arzoo.

  7. Swathi says:

    Removes the glittery ones!!Then it is good nail polish remover :) Great picks and nice clicks :)

  8. Mansi Agg says:

    Sounds like a great product to try and if it removes glitter nail paint easily then nothing like it…

  9. Richa Saxena says:

    I have not tried it but it looks great! And your pix are so prettyieee….Beautiful!!

  10. Esha says:

    You are turning into some photographer Arzoo! Loved the clicks and the remover sounds pretty good!

  11. I didnt git a chance to try it yet but looks amazing.. will surely be my next!! .. bTW amazing clicks dear.. Happy holidays .. ;)

  12. Swati says:

    The products sounds promising.. nice review.

  13. anubhuti says:

    definitely wanna try this out..value for money as per your review :)

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