Pooja Gaur’s Hair, Skin And Makeup Secrets

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Pooja Gaur is an Indian television actress. She has done many serials but the one serial that got her fame was “Pratigya” on star plus. I think she is a great actress and have really great skin i.e clear and flawless. So I am here to reveal her secrets of hair, skin and makeup..

Pooja Gaur

Skin Care:

Pooja goes for regular cleanups and facial to maintain the beauty and glow of her face. I too believe in cleanups ;) She also goes regularly for a spa. She thinks all this is necessary to keep the skin glowing and youthful. To maintain the beauty of her skin, she takes full 7-8 hours of sleep. She drinks 8-9 glasses of  water a day and eats a healthy diet. She tries to avoid oily and spicy food so that she can stay fit and healthy.

Hair Care:

Pooja takes special care of her hair that’s why her hair is so shiny, uh.. She likes to sport straight hair and loves herself in straight hair. She takes full care of her hair’s cleanliness, so that she doesn’t get dandruff. She oils her hair once a week to maintain the health of her hair, she believes oiling does wonders for her hair. She regularly goes for a hair spa and a protein treatment so that her hair gets the necessary nutrition. She also gets regular head massages for relaxing the head muscles and pampering herself.


She concentrates more on the eye makeup. She keeps her eye makeup heavy in the night party. To give her eyes a beautiful look, she uses shimmer, mascara and eyeliner. If she is going for a day-time event, she uses only a kohl, she believes that kohl makes her eyes look perfect for a day event. She always and always uses a moisturizer before applying makeup so that her skin does not look dull and dry. She uses ice before applying makeup and moisturizer so that makeup stays on her skin for long and her skin stays fresh all day. Ice opens the pores and reduces acne and keeps face clean and fresh. She regularly applies lip balm on her lips to maintain the moisture in her lips and does regular exfoliation with a homemade scrub.

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    Ice Cube Trick Is What I Have Been Using From Such a Long Time :)

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    I used to love Pratigya serial :-D i had never gone for clean ups. Will try next. Awesome article Arzoo.

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