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Patanjali Kesh Kanti Milk Protein Hair Cleanser Review

Do you know what most people come searching for on my blog, they come searching for Patanjali products! People in the beauty industry are getting mad over Patanjali products, they want to know about every product available in Patanjali store. Yesterday, someone came searching for Patanjali body spray, I mean that’s far beyond reach, Patanjali […]

Patanjali Neem-Tulsi Face Wash Review

Patanjali Neem-Tulsi Face Wash Review Hey Friends! How are you all doing? The cold at my place has been increasing daily and I’m loving this weather too. For me winter means, more of coats and boots. I just love winters. Coming back to the review, today I’m here with Patanjali Neem-Tulsi face wash, an affordable and gentle one […]

Patanjali Orange Aloe Vera Face Wash Review

Patanjali Orange Aloe Vera Face Wash Review Most of the people come searching on my blog for Patanjali products, I mean like they want review on every Patanjali product so I thought I should review every beauty product that is available at Patanjali outlet and with this mission, I’m here reviewing this face wash and […]

Patanjali Crack Heel Cream Review

Patanjali Crack Heel Cream Review                                                          My feet gets really dry during the winter months. I have to keep moisturizing them again and again as I moisturize my […]

Patanjali Divya Badam Rogan Almond Oil Review

Patanjali Divya Badam Rogan Almond Oil Review Hello prettiest!!! I have already reviewed some excellent products from Patanjali and even listed the top 12 products which everyone should try. There were request for two product reviews which I am yet to review, I thought oil review would be perfect as winters have approached and many […]

Patanjali Body Lotion Review

Patanjali Body Lotion Review Patanjali products are made of 98% natural and herbal ingredients and are fairly priced so that makes them worth a try. In fact I just love a lot of products from Patanjali. I even shared a post on Top 12 Patanjali Products, the best products that are worth a try. From […]

Top 12 Best Patanjali Products

Top 12 Best Patanjali Products Today’s post is a compilation on top 12 Patanjali products. There is great response for Patanjali products and everyone is going gaga over Patanajli nowadays mainly because they are made of 98% natural ingredients and they are super affordable! So today, I’m sharing with you all the best products from Patanjali that are a […]

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Hair Cleanser Review

Hi Girls, After seeing my mom using this shampoo again and again and how her hair are getting softer day by day, I thought to share a review on a product which she has been using for a long time. I asked her few questions about this shampoo and I’m here with its review. This […]

Patanjali Divya Rose Water Review

Hello Prettiest!!! Rose water is a staple product in my skin care routine and I think it should be a staple product in everyone’s skin care routine. You never know where it will come in use. Rose water can be used in homemade face packs, scrubs, as a toner, in powdered face packs, as eye […]