New! Lakme Absolute Pore Fix Toner


What Lakme Claims:

Lakmè now helps you embrace the most effective Cleansing-Toning-Moisturizing regime (CTM) with the launch of a brand new skincare product in the Absolute Range-the Lakmè Absolute Pore Fix Toner. Recommended by Lakmè skin experts, the CTM regime, if followed religiously, works to keep facial skin clean, toned and moisturized, ultimately helping you achieve a clear and flawless skin you desire.

The Lakmè Absolute Pore Fix Toner is designed specially to tighten pores, remove impurities for a smoother and hydrated skin. Enriched with Witch Hazel and Lavender Extracts, this alcohol-free toner, also moisturizes the skin. It comes with an easy application spray nozzle that evenly sprays and distributes the toner on your skin to remove impurities and hydrate the skin.

Price: Rs. 275 for 60ml

Lakme Absolute Pore Fix Toner launched a few months back to complement the Lakme Absolute Skin Gloss range and I was really interested in trying this product out since it claims to fix pores (which surprisingly I don’t have) but still I wanted to try this out (weird na?) girls have this habit of craving for every newly launched product and while I don’t buy each and every newly launched product but many products goes in my vanity just coz they are just launched but due to this hectic schedule, I’m not able to review any of them 

Does It Really Fix Pores?

Well, umm, I’d say to an extent it does (temporarily) but won’t work on tightening those big, large pores after all it’s just an another product claiming to tighten pores!

Then What Does it Do?

It creates a light hydrating shield on skin which makes it easier for other products to work better. Basically, my dry skin feels more hydrated and it quenches my skin’s thirst, I can even skip moisturizer after using this toner (which I’m not using nowadays) and straight on move to the sunscreen step. That means if you’ve got combination or oily skin, you better avoid it! It takes cleansing step to a next level by removing all that dirt and grime which your cleanser might have not removed. It smells quite strong, kind of like alcohol (say what, but it says it’s alcohol free then what is that smell of= I wonder), thankfully the smell doesn’t last that long so no issues! This is all what it does, it’s a spray toner so it’s quite easy & handy  to use.

BML Rating: 3/5

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6 Responses to “New! Lakme Absolute Pore Fix Toner”

  1. nausheen says:

    Nice review Arzoo, looks like that this one will work for my dry skin, again i wonder too if it is alcohol free then why does it smell like that….wiered :(

  2. purva says:

    I have oily skin and i dont think this would work for me.. Great it helps your skin retain moisture

  3. Vaishu says:

    Change in review pattern, this one looks short and classy. I think being a mum and all keeps you very busy. Hope you find time to pamper yourself too. Sending all love!

    • arzoo says:

      Haha totally, this change was much needed. Hope I could convey what I wanted to with this short review, I feel describing a product and its packaging in 2-3 paras just lengthens the review and make it less interesting for readers to read every detail since they can make out what the packaging is by looking at the product’s picture.

  4. swati says:

    I will skip this one…..but great review dear…..

  5. anubhuti says:

    Nice review dear..i would skip this one..

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