Maybelline Super Stay 14HR Lipstick: Non Stop Red Review, Swatches, LOTD

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I’m a fan of red lipsticks :D You should see my love for red someday, I’ll show you my collection of red lippies and liners. I think red flatters my skin tone a lot and looks amazing on me and one day my beau also said that I look too **** in red lips. What! I mean he said I look beautiful in red lips :P My friend Sushmita also knows my love for red lipstick that she now named me Red Heroine ;) haha funny na! And by the way, did I say I’m now getting MAC Ruby Woo, don’t believe your ears but ya it’s so true, my love for red has forced me to get the hottest lipstick in town now. :D I shared the lip swatch pic on Facebook to let my friends guess the shade and none of them could guess this pretty shade so girls this is Non Stop Red from Maybelline Super Stay 14HR Lipsticks. Let’s move on to read my review.Maybelline Super Stay 14HR Lipstick Non Stop Red Review

What Maybelline Says:

14HR Lipstick with an ultra-lightweight formula
• Stays fresh, light, and comfortable
• Super rich color that lasts for 14 hours
• Pigments are enveloped in a long wearing system
• 20 long wearing shades

Price: Rs. 525 for 3.3 grams

Total Colors: 20 shades, I have only 2 out of 20Maybelline Super Stay 14HR Lipstick Non Stop Red Review

My Take on Maybelline Super Stay 14HR Lipstick:

Packaging: Maybelline Super Stay 14HR Lipstick comes in a transparent outer case and a white cap where the bottom is red in color. The bottom half helps to identify the particular shade as if it’s a brown shade, the bottom half is brown, if it’s red like this non stop red, then the bottom half is red in color and every piece has a white cap with the respective color at the bottom. The packaging is nothing extraordinary or unique, I personally like round shaped outer case of a lipstick, and not oval shaped or circle shaped lipsticks except for MAC :D because that’s unique and classy in itself.

Maybelline Super Stay 14HR Lipstick Non Stop Red ReviewFragrance: The lipstick do have some yummy fragrance which feels like pastries or cake, all in all very yummy ;-) but the smell does not stay for long.

Pigmentation: These lipsticks are amazingly pigmented, just one swipe and they give intense color and with 2-3 more swipes you can get even more intense color depending on how dark you want the color on your lips.

Texture: Texture is more like semi matte. It feels smooth for the first few hours and then it starts to tug and crease from the centre of the lips. You would more probably want to use these lipsticks after exfoliating and moisturizing your lips properly and if you have excessively chapped and dry lips then you will not like the formula at all. For me, matte is what I like in lipsticks and this besides being matte is slightly moisturizing too, not fully matte and gives some sheen.

Staying Power: The color does not go off anywhere for the first two and a half hour after which it starts fading from the centre of the lips (where lips meet) and you can do with it by pressing your lips against each other. The lipstick lasts really long maybe like for the whole day but the problem is that it starts cracking and creasing at the side of the lips and in the centre. You can eat, drink and do whatever you want with your lips without fearing of the color being transferred or fading, it’s one of those lipsticks which does not fade even on drinking or eating though a slight color may get transferred which won’t be much visible even on your cup or on your lips that the lipstick has faded. I tried drinking, eating with it and I didn’t face any such issue of its fading but I could see slight color on my spoon (just at the corner). These lipsticks are even hard to remove with makeup remover, I have to literally wipe it off 2-3 times with my current makeup remover (Maybelline) and then again with cream and then with my face wash, you see the color is so intense.

Maybelline Super Stay 14HR Lipstick Non Stop Red ReviewNon Stop Red is a pinkish red, say red with pink undertones, not exactly red and has slight hint of pink to it. I totally love this shade, it’s a shade to own besides all the reds and maroons. It will look more flattering on fair skin tone and medium to fair skin tone and can wash off dusky skinned beauties. This is not for college or office as it looks too bold and would be great for clubbing, parties and marriage function.

Maybelline Super Stay 14HR Lipstick Non Stop Red Swatches

Tried posing like Katrina Kaif’s Dhoom 3 pose, tell me how it turned out :D

Maybelline Super Stay 14HR Lipstick Non Stop Red SwatchesPros of Maybelline Super Stay 14HR Lipstick:

  • Amazingly pigmented.
  • Yummillicious smell maybe like pastry or some flavored cake.
  • Non stop red is a gorgeous red shade with pink undertones.
  • This shade perks up my complexion and looks beautiful on me, will look good on fair and medium to fair skin tone.
  • Smooth semi matte texture.
  • Lasting power is great, lasts for as long as you want them to be but has a tendency to tug and crease after 3-4 hours.
  • Gives opaque coverage.

Cons of Maybelline Super Stay 14HR Lipstick:

  • Pricey!
  • Dries and tugs over time, starts fading from the centre of the lips.
  • I’m not much fan of the packaging, I like round shaped outer case.
  • You need to have properly exfoliated and moisturized lips to wear these lipsticks or they can look very weird.
  • This shade will not suit dusky skin tone beauties.
  • Not everyone will like the formula but I like it!
  • Color sets in to fine lines and creases at the corner of the lips after sometime.

BML Rating: 3.5/5

Do I Recommend Maybelline Super Stay 14HR Lipsticks:

This range is something to try for the great lasting power and opaque coverage they give. There are 20 shades and you can try any of the shades. You may not like these lipsticks if you are not much fan of matte finish lipsticks but these lipsticks are something to try once. I own two shades from this range and I love them.

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  1. Simera says:

    This looks so pretty. I like that it is semi matte. Great review.

  2. Nice shade! Would love to try some from the range:)

  3. Asmitha says:

    Looks so gorgeous on you Arzoo :-* …I’m a fan of matte Red lipsticks..Ive never tried this range and love the pink tone

  4. Tanmayee says:

    lovely Red :) but it seemed coral… I agree with the review..and I also feel it is sticky …

  5. Parinaaz says:

    Hot red!!!! Gorgeous it looks

  6. bharathi says:

    Love your pic arzoo!

  7. Arshita says:

    Loved the shade, looks super hot on u! :-)) :-*

  8. Preeti Kaur says:

    So this is the lipstick you were wearing in your fb pic ;) Huh!!! Well, I also think red flatters you a lot sweetie.
    BTW, I also have a few shades from this range. Although the range is not much loved, I particularly like it because as you pointed it just doesnt budge. And as long as I keep my lips exfoliated & moisturised, the texture doesnt look bad either :)

    • Arzoo says:

      Ya this was the one :P thanks for the lovely comment sweety, ya true if the lips are exfoliated and moisturized the texture doesn’t look bad then :D

  9. Mayuri says:

    your lip swatches are hot!!!! looks amazing on you babe :* please watermark your swatch pics because they are absolutely stunning and hence more prone to be stolen :D lovely review <3

  10. bharti says:

    wow, very lovely lip swatch. This color looks so pinkish red, I think I might just give this a try ^_^.

  11. pragya says:

    Arzoo I love this lippiee!! I have been reaching for it quite often than any other lipiee!! I love how it looks on me and I love the way u reviewed it!! Awesome lip swatch!! :kissed: :kissed:

  12. i bought one shade recemtly it’s mauve and i love love it, great lipstick ……… i like this shade too :) nice clicks katreena lol :) :yes:

  13. wohoooo super sexy swatches baby! I didn’t like the texture of these at the store due to my very dry lips :'(

  14. Raji says:

    so this is the ONE. It looks more coral then red. I wonder y they keep such confusing names. Looks extremely pretty on u <3

  15. Stacey says:

    Looks so pretty on you! your Katrina pose looks super sexy :) I wish I could try this lip color.

  16. Esha says:

    I have this too and wow loved your lip swatch!! cool!!

  17. Charu Sharma says:

    Great review darling. I have one from this range and find it pretty heavy for my lips !!

  18. sahana says:

    The swatches are to die for! So sexy you look!

  19. Radha says:

    Nice LOTD picture ;) Loved this shade very pretty on you…

  20. tarry says:

    awesome review and lotd arzoo….

    the colour looks so pretty on ur lips…

  21. laks says:

    Woahh!! LOTD is super awesome :-* . I cant carry such shade :-(

  22. Anamika says:

    pretty shade. ur Katrina pose looks nice

  23. Megha says:

    Lovely lip swatch Arzoo. I am not fond of dry lippies so would not go for it. But the shade is excellent!

  24. Rashmi says:

    I just loved the Katrina pose you made dear….the shade is looking super gorgeous on you babe….. :-*

  25. What lovely shade wow absolutely amazing on you… Haven’t tried any from this range till now.
    Loved your lotd… Red definitely suits you well :)

  26. Ashu says:

    The shade is lovely :)

  27. Niesha says:

    I am huge fan of red lipsticks as well!! They brighten up the face instantly!! :) I loved the last pic dear. It is beautifully captured! :)

  28. Aditi says:

    Such a lovely color and I’m blown away by your pic :D so sexy! I’m getting this red for sure, it’s so wearable!

  29. Sony says:

    Nice shade looks more on the coral side

  30. subha says:

    Will not suit my skin tone, nice review

  31. Shabby says:

    Looking Pretty .. The shade looks pretty ..Even I too love REDS!!! :P

  32. rose says:

    i have this lip colour

  33. Beautiful colour dear. the last picture is so innovative

  34. Richa Saxena says:

    Oh My Goodness! That last Pic is absolutely Stunning Babe..>I too love Reds..I have never tried this range though…Lovely Review Hun! :)

  35. Loved the shade and the Dhoom 3 pose is killer babe :) <3 These are long staying but sooo drying for the lips!

  36. Somdatta says:

    Arzoo darling ! No doubt, it’s a lovely shade! And the post is very well written, the review is very well covered! But let me tell you something! Everything is getting overshadowed by that lip swatch of yours :D :D …..Beauuuuutifuuuul! :D…… In fact, you have enhanced the beauty of the shade by thousand folds :D … the effort you put behind a review post! Total Respect :))

  37. rachna says:

    i love the lipsticks from this range…the shade looks great even for daily wear…not a jhatak red!

  38. Vipra S says:

    OMG ! Gosh that lip swatch is SMOKING HOT Sweet Heart !
    You nailed it to the core – Amazing !
    Lovely Review Dear and Superb Clicks :*

  39. Poorva says:

    ur LOTD looks so hot ;)
    i find this range quite dry but it looks amazing on your lips!

  40. mermaid bidisha says:

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    Omgsh dear the Katrina pose is awesome … You look 1000 times better den Katrina…. seriously amazing …
    the shade looks so awesome on you
    Kisses and Teddy Hugs :-*

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