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Top Lakme Products Review, Prices, Buy Online

Top 10 Lakme Makeup Products In India: Mini Reviews & Prices

If there is one brand that we girls have dedicatedly loved and gushed about them it is Lakme Cosmetics. For decades Lakme has impressed us with its stellar makeup and skin care products which are amazingly on the skin and easy on the pocket. Lakme was the first cosmetic brand introduced to India, making every […]

Top Makeup Artists in Delhi

Top 10 Makeup Artists in Delhi!

Top Makeup Artists in Delhi For all the wannabe brides in Delhi, you know it is that one special day of your life  which is the biggest day where you have to have that impactful look where you will be “The most” important center of attraction, so you want to look your best and have […]

Cruelty Free Brands

Cruelty Free Brands: Makeup, Skin Care & Hair Care!

Who doesn’t love dolling up for a night out, and using that favourite lipstick or pretty blush to complete the look! However, it is very rarely that we sit and ponder over the entire process that led to the creation of that product. Even in today’s age, there are countless brands that are testing on […]

How to Check If Your Foundation Has Gone Bad: My Personal Experience & Tips!

Drugstore Dupes for High End Makeup ~ Affordable Options!

Though it may be true when they say beauty comes at a cost, it’s not always necessary to shell out the big bucks for luxe make up when we have our drugstore dupes for the high end makeup! Here we introduce you to some affordable drugstore dupes for your favourite high-end products!

Face Products: Order of Application

How To Find Your Skin’s Undertone: The Easy Way

The key to finding the right makeup and clothing that will look beautiful on you lies in determining your skin’s undertone- are you warm, cool, or neutral? Warm skin tones are those with golden/yellow hues while cool tones contain pink/rosy hints. Neutral undertones, obviously, lie somewhere in the middle. These terms may seem very daunting […]

NYX Coming Soon to India!

Hit New Launches of 2014

As we bid adieu to 2014 and before we start our journey with the new year 2015, I thought of doing a roundup of the hit new launches this year. Many brands came up with some amazing products, the first name being the Maybelline which hit the market with its amazing launches. There are lots […]

Foundation Application Tools: Basic Foundation Guide

Foundation Application Tools Today I’d be talking about different types of tools you can use to apply your foundation. This post is the continuation of basic foundation series which I’ve talked about earlier Here and Here.