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I’m back after a long break but still not fully back as I haven’t yet set my photo clicking place and still building up my little studio :P Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for my vacation to Shimla, Manali and all, still not revealed to me exactly where we’ll be going by my hero, he’s keeping it a secret, don’t know why :-/ but he actually is hiding it from me.
So let’s move on to today’s post which is about what are some makeup essentials for a teenager. I know no one really thinks of writing such posts apart me but I know how you teens are obsessed with using makeup and don’t know where and what to start from! Your best bet is to keep it simple and natural. So I will be guiding you today in this post as to what you need in your makeup bag as a teenager/starter.Makeup Essentials For A TeenagerBB Cream: As a teenager, you don’t have much problem areas on your face that you want to hide so a BB cream is just good enough for giving that flawless no makeup look unless if you are suffering from acne in which case you may need a good coverage foundation. Some BB creams gives sheer coverage, some medium whereas some give high coverage, so it depends on what coverage you prefer. For the most teenagers, I think medium coverage is just enough for that flawless look. BB creams that give sheer coverage are Garnier BB cream, Pond’s BB cream, Revlon BB cream, The Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BB cream and that gives medium coverage are L’oreal BB cream, MAC BB cream, etc. For full coverage, a product can be built upon in two layers to get a full coverage and if you are not happy with a BB cream then you can opt for CC cream which works better than a BB cream in terms of coverage and the skin care it offers.

Compact: You can even skip the BB cream and just use your skin care products if you have flawless even skin but not compact if you have oily skin. You need a compact if you have oily or combination skin and you don’t need it if you have a dry skin. Go for a sheer coverage oil-free compact that says matte or oil controlling as they work better in keeping the skin oil-free for long. Either keep a separate powder brush to do touch ups with a compact or a powder which has a good sponge applicator that doesn’t make face look cakey.

Blush: This product is optional but if you love adding color depth to your face then you may want to make it an essential in your makeup bag. Choose any shade that suits you best from peaches, coral or pink blush or a bronzer in place of blush if you don’t like the peachy or pink glow and rather prefer the bronzy glow. You can opt for cream or powder blush, cream blush lasts longer and needs no touch up whereas powder blushes are good for keeping the skin matte while adding a flush of color to the cheeks. Cream blushes are good for dry skin whereas powder blushes works for almost all skin types.

Tinted Lip Balm: Tinted lip balm gives a natural kind of tint to the lips while moisturizing them unlike lipsticks which can look a little odd if your age or school doesn’t allow you to use makeup. Some of the best tinted lip balms are Maybelline Baby Lips and Nivea Tinted Lip Balms.

Lip Gloss: You can go for the tinted ones or just clear lip gloss to top on your favorite lipstick and get a shiny glossy look.

Pink Lipstick: Pink lipstick is what you need in your teen years. All you need to look cute and beautiful at the same time is a pretty pink lipstick! There are hundreds of pink shades to choose from, choose the best pink shade that complements your skin tone. Buy a matte lipstick as that looks good on almost everyone and if you want to make it glossy, top it up with a clear or matching lip gloss.

Eye liner: Eyeliner can be used in many ways to define the eyes. You can create tons of different looks with an eye liner and look completely different. You can do basic outlining of your upper lash line, create a winged eye liner, cat eye liner, thick eye liner, etc. If you are a beginner and don’t know how to use a liquid eye liner, I would suggest you to start with gel liner as you can learn to create easily multiple looks with gel liner and still not get liner all over eyes as that is easy to wipe off than a liquid liner.

Mascara: Yes, mascara can change your whole look and that is why you need it in your makeup bag as a teenager! I can do away with kohl and liner many a times but not without mascara as I love how it defines and lengthen my lashes changing my look completely.

Kohl: Kohl is a basic makeup essential in every girl’s makeup bag and kohl love in India starts even before when you are a teenager. My sister is just 12 and she loves using kohl to line her waterline before going out so you know how essential a kohl/kajal is in a girl’s bag. I think every girl loves using a kohl and this is why it is a staple essential of every Indian makeup bag.

Few Brushes and Tools You Need In Your Makeup Bag:

Makeup Essentials For A Teenager (3)Beauty Blender/Sponge or Buffing Brush: For achieving that flawless base, you need any of these tools to apply your BB cream or foundation on your face. For the most skin types, a beauty blender is the best tool you can ever invest in as it gives great finish and coverage, you just need to wet it in water, soak the excess water in paper towel and use it dampen to apply your base product, it also works great in applying powder from the other side where it points from. And if you can not get your hands on a beauty blender, try a sponge or a flat top kabuki brush to work up your base products.

Powder Brush: For that non cakey look and flawless finish, you need a powder brush to apply your compact/powder evenly all over your face.

Blush Brush: Blush brush is different from a powder brush and works amazingly to apply blush to the cheeks. If you don’t want to spend extra bucks on a blush brush, you can do away with a powder brush and apply your blush with it but for that even application of blush, you need a blush brush to swipe a nice flush of color to your cheeks. Most blush brush are slightly slanted to reach the hollows of the cheeks when you make a duck or fish face and apply the blush evenly but most comes with a flat round shape. Both works the same way so you can invest in any of these, shape really doesn’t matter!

Eye Shadow Brush, Blending Brush and Smudger Brush: As a teenager and as a beginner you really don’t need tons of eye makeup brushes to do your eye makeup, all you really need are these three brushes where you can apply eye shadow of your choice with a eye shadow brush and blend the edges or soften the crease with a blending brush and create a smokey eye makeup by smudging the edges or get a minimal smokey eye effect by just smudging your kohl.

That’s all you need in your makeup bag as a teenager. Don’t ruin your skin by using tons of makeup and foundation on a daily basis, just opt for a simple kohl and lip gloss look with an even looking skin by using a BB cream and a compact and add a bit of color to the cheeks by a blush, that’s all you need and you are good to go! I think only these makeup products are essential for a teenager and rest depends upon your taste, how loud and less you want your makeup to be. If your parents and school allows, you can even go for a bold lipstick or full makeup look but as a teenager you really don’t need much makeup as your skin is in the best condition ever and if it’s not then take help of makeup to make it look flawless and be presentable!!