Lotus Herbals Professional Cleanser   
Winters are almost here and everyone with dry skin are looking for products that could battle their dry skin as dry skin is the major issue in winters. If not all, atleast I started searching for products for my dry skin. I bought this cleanser long back but didn’t use it much, now is the perfect time to use it as it is meant for dry skin and my dry skin loves products meant for it. I have already reviewed two products from Lotus professional range which is a moisturizer and a face wash and now let’s move on to this one..

Lotus Herbals Professional CleanserPrice: 395 for 250 ml

Shelf Life: 3 years

Skin Type: Normal to Dry Skin

Product Description:

Technique: Apply the Hydravitals Milk Enzymes & Turmeric Moisturizing Cleanser on the face. Massage gently all over, focusing on the T-Zone, eye area, under chin, ear area etc. Wipe with moist cotton bud.

Lotus Herbals Professional Cleanser


Gentle cleansing action ensures skin is thoroughly cleaned yet not rid of moisture. Darkening of cotton balls is the sign of makeup, dirt removal, etc.

Active Ingredients:

Milk Cream Enzymes, Turmeric Extract & Comfrey extract.

My Experience with Lotus Herbals Professional Cleanser:

Lotus herbals Professional Cleanser comes in a green colored bottle with a pump dispenser. Its size is too big so it is not at all travel friendly, they should have a smaller version of this.:heh: It smells of turmeric that indicates they have used a huge amount of turmeric which is considered to be very good for skin. It’s texture is creamy and spreads easily on face.

Lotus Herbals Professional Cleanser

I take out this cleanser and massage it on my face and neck for 2-3 minutes, sometimes I leave it on and walk around doing other things then I take a cotton ball and wipe it off. What I see is a huge amount of dirt on the cotton ball, it thoroughly cleanses the skin without ripping my skin of moisture, in fact it adds extra moisture to my skin which is all what I need from my products. Then I wash my face with warm water and my face looks squeaky clean, fresh and moisturized.

Lotus Herbals Professional CleanserIt even adds a glow to my face which I think turmeric does.:yes: One last confession I want to make, when I started using it, it gave me a small bump and I wanted to discontinue using it but then the bump disappeared in 3-4 days, this happened because I’m allergic to comfrey extract and all products that has this ingredient breaks me out. This is my take so don’t judge this product on this basis as it’s super good and not everyone may be allergic to this ingredient. If you want to test that whether you are allergic to this ingredient or not, I’d suggest you to try an inexpensive product with comfrey extract like VLCC sunscreen and if it doesn’t break you out then continue with this cleanser. It broke me out once and then the bump disappeared after few days and didn’t face any major issue after then. I’ll be soon reviewing the toner and face mask from this range.


Lotus Herbals Professional Cleanser

The first two swatches are of lipsticks, the third one of an eye liner and the rest of eyeshadow. It cleanses any type of makeup in just three swipes and the result is softer, smoother and fresh skin.

Pros of Lotus Herbals Professional Cleanser:

  • Deep cleanses skin.
  • Has turmeric which is anti-inflammatory and good for people with acne.
  • Makes skin touchably soft and supple.
  • Skin does not feel dry all through the day after cleansing with it.
  • Gives a glow on face.
  • Removes every trace of makeup.
  • Mild enough for daily use.
  • The bottle lasts long.
  • Mild fragrance that won’t bother anyone, it smells of turmeric.

Cons of Lotus Herbals Professional Cleanser:

  • Expensive but the bottle lasts long.
  • Not easily available.
  • Packaging is not travel friendly, it is a big bottle which can’t be carried anywhere.
  • Full ingredient list missing.
  • May break you out if you are allergic to comfrey extract like I am but it happens only at the first time of using it and may not be the case with everyone.

Rating: 4.4/5

Do I Recommend Lotus Herbals Professional Cleanser:

Yes, I think anyone who is suffering from extremely dry skin should try it as it takes care of dry skin very well and gives softer skin for the whole day.