Lotus Herbals Anti-Tan Creme SPF 50 Sunblock Review

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Sunscreen addict has brought to you one more sunscreen review to make your sunscreen purchase decision wise and help you in choosing the best sunscreen. Well, aren’t my sunscreen reviews helpful? If yes, then move on to read my review on Lotus Herbals Anti-Tan Creme SPF 50 Sunblock. If no, then you can leave it here :-PLotus Herbals Anti-Tan Creme SPF 50 Sunblock ReviewPrice: 285 INR for 50 g

Shelf Life: 3 years

Product Description:

Safe Sun Absolute is the single answer to all your sun care needs. This Anti-tan specialist range from Lotus Herbals provides broad spectrum protection against all of Sun’s harmful rays. It especially protects against the long wavelength UVA rays that are the primary cause of skin darkening and tanning and affect us throughout the year.

Safe Sun Absolute anti-tan creme is a high intensity sunblock creme that protects during long outdoor exposure to sun. Its’ highly active ingredients, Carrot and Oregano are known to work in extreme conditions.

Active Ingredients: Carrot Extract and Oregano, Micronized Titanium Dioxide, Avobenzone, Oxybenzone, Octinoxate & Bisoctrizole.

Lotus Herbals Anti-Tan Creme SPF 50 Sunblock ReviewMy Experience with Lotus Herbals Anti-Tan Creme SPF 50 Sunblock:

Firstly the name of this sunblock is so long and confusing that I just wrote Lotus Herbals Anti-Tan Creme SPF 50 Sunblock in the title or else it would just reserve two lines in my title itself if I had written what is on the tube. Well never mind, just jump to read what this product actually does! I hope you all can see the packaging from the pics so I’m not going into detail describing the packaging but one thing I have to say about the packaging is that the last leftover product is very difficult to press out as I keep pressing the tube from everywhere and it doesn’t seem to come out in any way.Lotus Herbals Anti-Tan Creme SPF 50 Sunblock ReviewThis sunblock has SPF 50 and PA+++ which is great for preventing against tanning and wrinkles but I don’t think it looks good when applied while going out as it leaves an oily layer on skin even on my dry skin.

The consistency of this sunblock is like a thick cream but it spreads easily and doesn’t leave a white caste. If this sunscreen gets into my eyes by mistake like when I’m crying and I rub my whole face like what happened today while watching the Satyamev Jayte episode, I was literally crying seeing what all is happening in our country, don’t you get tears too in your eyes while watching such emotional things? Well, I’m too emotional and can’t bear such things!! And while I was crying my eyes burnt like hell and also when I wash my face, my eyes burns because of this sunscreen. I’m not able to understand this sunscreen till now even when it’s about to finish. Sometimes, it makes me look good and the other times it dulls out my complexion and looks weird on me. So sometime I like it and sometime I don’t, it’s a 50-50 situation for me. I usually apply sunscreen in the corner of my lips where I’m most prone to pigmentation and applying this sunscreen on that area is a crime coz I don’t know but somehow it enters my mouth and I can feel the yuck taste of it and so don’t do the mistake of applying it near your mouth coz it will enter your taste buds, don’t know how but it will and also near your eye area coz it burns the eyes.

It makes my skin a bit oily so a big no-no for oily skin and about the anti-tan claim, I really can’t comment on it as I don’t apply this when going out just because it makes my skin oily and dull so I keep it only for the days when I’m staying at home. And I’ve used the full tube and I could not feel any skin whitening as such so those are false claims.Lotus Herbals Anti-Tan Creme SPF 50 Sunblock SwatchesPros of Lotus Herbals Anti-Tan Creme SPF 50 Sunblock:

  • Inexpensive.
  • Travel friendly packaging.
  • Easily available.
  • Has SPF 50 and PA+++
  • Contains carrot and oregano extract.
  • Spreads and absorbs easily.
  • Does not leave a white caste.

Cons of Lotus Herbals Anti-Tan Creme SPF 50 Sunblock:

  • Feels oily on skin, a big no for oily skin.
  • Dulls out the complexion.
  • No visible skin whitening.
  • Burns my eyes like hell if it gets in there!
  • The last leftover product is difficult to press out.
  • No visible skin whitening.
  • Full ingredient list is missing.
  • Feels yuck when it gets in mouth and it most of the times gets in there.

BML Rating: 1.5/5

You can probably give it a miss coz there are lot’s more better options in the market to choose from. I have given it 1.5 out of 5 just because it has got high amount of SPF and protection against UVA rays and that it doesn’t leave a white caste but then now most of the sunscreens are coming up with SPF 50 and doesn’t leave a white caste most of the time, so it’s better to skip it.

Have you tried Lotus Herbals Anti-Tan Creme SPF 50 Sunblock? What do you think about it?

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37 Responses to “Lotus Herbals Anti-Tan Creme SPF 50 Sunblock Review”

  1. Gowthami says:

    Oh my! Such a bummer, thanks for the review sweets! xx

  2. OMG this is a skip for me.. thanks fr the review Arzoo :yes: :yes:

  3. Tanmayee says:

    OMG a not so good stuff :( thanks for saving our money ………..

  4. shreoshe says:

    Nice review but I’ll skip this :-(

  5. Mayuri says:

    sad that this turned out to be such a dud.. I like lotus herbals but will definitely skip this.. loved the detailed review sweetie :) I am definitely going to watch Satyameva Jayate this weekend.. this country really needs a huge revolution-an awakening to change and change for good.. and you cried.. :( hugs :*

  6. Vipra S says:

    Its such a DUD ! .. Some of the Lotus products are just amazing and some of them fails soo miserably !
    Thanks for the review dear :)

  7. pragya says:

    I am so not picking this up my sunscreen baby!! I love ur sunscreen reviews!! :D :-D :-D

  8. Thanks for Honest review Arzoo! I will skip this!
    Nice review!

  9. laks says:

    A big no to them :no: :no: Thanks for sharing honest review darling :)

  10. Fatima says:

    Such a dud….outta my list !!

  11. Swati Chinky says:

    DuD dud dud!!!

  12. Rashmi says:

    Oh god its such a dud…will skip it for sure….I too had tears in my eyes watching first episode of satya mev jayate…..the reality is so horrible and it feels terrible to even imagine what all the victims go through…. :cry:

    • Arzoo says:

      Hmm it’s so hurtful to hear all such things and I’m really emotional, can’t hear such things, my eyes starts watering like hell and sometimes I start crying as if someone has beaten me like zor zor se :cry:

  13. Simera says:

    I am thankful for your honest review dear. I guess sometimes products just don’t work out.
    Happy Friday.

  14. sahana says:

    Oh no! I bought my mom this cream recently and never have tested it :(

    Need to throw it away and get another sunscreen.

  15. I’ve used in this in the past and you’re sooo right. Its a disgusting sunscreen which won’t work for any skintype!

  16. Yogita says:

    Such a dud from Lotus…. Thanks for the honest review…

  17. rachna says:

    i love one sunscreen from lotus which is matte and thats my HG…this is sure a bummer!

  18. rinnee says:

    i have used this one and it is such a dud!http://kohlcrush.blogspot.in/

  19. Hhaaww.. thast the bummer.. Will stay awayy!!

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