Loreal Professionnel Pure Resource Citramine Shampoo Review

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Today I would be reviewing Loreal Professionnel Pure Resource Citramine Shampoo. I have this shampoo from around four months and I love using it. It’s a clarifying shampoo so I use it once a week or once a month to get rid of product build up from my hair that’s why it lasted me this long. Move on to read to know more about it..

Loreal Professionnel Pure Resource Citramine Shampoo ReviewProduct Description:

Purifying shampoo formulated with Vitamin E anti-oxidant, purified water and an anti-hard water agent for a clean scalp. Cleans hair of build up and restores radiance, giving long-lasting shine and manageability.

Price: INR 500 for 250 ml.

Directions for use:

Distribute evenly through wet hair and lather. Rinse carefully. Repeat if necessary. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately.


Loreal Professionnel Pure Resource Citramine Shampoo Ingredients

My Experience with Loreal Professionnel Pure Resource Citramine Shampoo:

As I said I love using this shampoo, the reason is that it makes my hair extremely soft, shiny and gives a clear and clean scalp. It’s a clarifying shampoo so it has to be used once a week if you have oily hair and once a month if you have dry hair. As I have dry hair, I use it once every month and it leaves my hair soft, smooth, shiny and thoroughly clean. A clarifying shampoo is very important in a hair care regimen if you want beautiful hair. If you use a lot of styling products like hair sprays, gels, mousse, hair protectant, leave in conditioner, etc then clarifying shampoo is a must for you, you should definitely include a clarifying shampoo into your hair care regimen and if you use a lot of these and you have oily hair, use it every week. So basically, what clarifying shampoo does is it removes product build up and leaves hair clean and more shiny because it clears the scalp of all the residue, it also makes hair light weight and adds more bounce to hair, this is because all unnecessary product build up gets removed which then brings hair back to its natural state. Some things to keep in mind while using a clarifying shampoo are:

  • Don’t use a clarifying shampoo more than once a week.
  • Use only a good quality clarifying shampoo.
  • Clarifying and purifying are the same things so don’t get confused if it says purifying shampoo.
  • Don’t use too much of it to get a lather, as it foams less but cleans the scalp well.
  • Don’t use a clarifying shampoo after you get a perm.
  • When using a clarifying shampoo, concentrate more on the roots then the tips of the hair.

Coming to this shampoo, it lathers well but you may need a little extra amount than your usual shampoo as it does not foam much and if you have an unclean scalp, it will not lather much in first wash but you can continue with a second wash where it will lather well and will give you a cleaner scalp and hair. This shampoo adds a lot of bounce to my hair and makes them feel light weight as it gets rid of all the product build up. This shampoo makes my hair soft, shiny and smooth and gives them a healthy look.

Loreal Professionnel Pure Resource Citramine Shampoo ReviewSome of you may feel that this shampoo dries out the hair but I would suggest not to stop using it as it will give you a very clean and healthy scalp and will get rid of all the product build up. A clarifying shampoo is a must in any hair care routine and everybody needs it and this is the only affordable brand where I could find a clarifying shampoo to be included in my hair care routine. If you are wondering what is product build up and what does it do that the use of clarifying shampoo is so important. So let me tell you that product build up is when all the products you use on your hair gets accumulated on the hair, the result of which would be your hair feeling and looking dull, dry, flat and coated. Product build up can be caused by anything even by your regular shampoo and conditioner, the job of a clarifying shampoo in a hair care regimen is the same as a scrub in a face care regimen, like a scrub gets rid of dead skin cells in the same way a clarifying shampoo gets rid of dead cells from your hair. Let’s sum up the pros and cons of this shampoo..

Pros of Loreal Professionnel Pure Resource Citramine Shampoo:

  • Leaves hair soft and smooth.
  • Adds a nice bounce to my hair.
  • Makes my hair shiny.
  • Gets rid of the product build up.
  • Makes my hair light weight and more manageable.
  • Leaves scalp squeaky clean.
  • Inexpensive for a clarifying shampoo.
  • Transparent packaging which is great for seeing how much product is left in the bottle.

Cons of Loreal Professionnel Pure Resource Citramine Shampoo:

  • Available only at L’oreal salons.

Do I Recommend Loreal Professionnel Pure Resource Citramine Shampoo:

It’s a must have in any hair care regimen, like I mentioned above how important is a clarifying shampoo in our hair care routine, this is the only affordable clarifying shampoo I have come across so it’s worth a try and a must have for everyone.

Will I Repurchase Loreal Professionnel Pure Resource Citramine Shampoo:

Always, this is like a must have in my hair care routine and I will keep purchasing it until I find a better clarifying shampoo than this.

BML Rating: 4.7/5

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  1. Gowthami says:

    Great review Arzoo, only available at L’oreal salons :( …

  2. Aditi says:

    Great review dear. I have tried this and it is too drying for my hair.

  3. Richa Saxena says:

    Lovely Review dear1 I have this n I am absolutely loving it… :)

  4. Lisha says:

    this sounds like an amazing shampoo! Great review :)

  5. Esha says:

    OMG I have to try this!!!

  6. Krithi says:

    i have been searching for good clarifying shampoo for myself
    looks like good product buying it for sure :)

  7. Jyoti says:

    Such a nice and detailed review sweetie :) I would love to try this one out. this one looks like a great products which you cannot afford to skip :) <3

  8. Mayuri says:

    I have this and I love it :) loved your detailed review sweety <3

  9. Niesha says:

    It seems good. I haven’t seen it since its only available at selected L’Oreal salons. I am using matrix Biolage. that too is a decent product! Lovely review dear!

  10. sahana says:

    Great review. Sounds like a great product!

  11. Nice review hun…Would love to try the clarifying shampoo now :)

  12. Manisha says:

    Nice detailed review Arzoo

  13. I am going through a very bad hair fall days :/ so avoiding any kind of chemicals to hairs…

  14. nice shampoo bt it may b a bit harsh fr my scanty \hair.. nice review :-)

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