How to Improve Your Beauty Sleep

How to Improve Your Beauty Sleep
Hey Everyone,

Today I would be sharing some basic tips that would help you to improve your beauty sleep. You all know what is beauty sleep, right? Beauty sleep is sleep considered to be sufficient to keep one looking young and beautiful. Your skin and your body goes into repair mode when you sleep so it is essential to have full 8 hours beauty sleep to wake up to a younger, beautiful looking skin. These are some basic tips you can follow before going to bed to enhance your beauty sleep and wake up with a beautiful complexion!
How to Improve Your Beauty SleepCTM Routine: Follow a basic CTM routine before going to bed at night. If the whole CTM routine seems a big process, just don’t forget to wash and moisturize your skin before going to bed to wake up to a beautiful, healthier looking skin. You don’t want all day’s dirt and debris to pile up in your pores and give you huge breakouts, do you? I’m sure you wouldn’t even like the idea of getting breakouts because of not washing your face, so it’s wise to always wash your face with a good cleanser and use a moisturizer meant for your skin type before going to bed! If you want better results, you can include a good hydrating serum in your routine and use it before using a moisturizer. Also moisturize your hands and legs, applying lotion before bed helps your skin to really absorb the moisture and let it soak deeply in the pores helping you to wake up to a smoother body!

Silk Pillowcases: This is the tip I really swear by! Silk pillowcases protects skin against wrinkles/ fine lines and keeps it soft and nourished! Silk pillowcase is also good for the hair, it won’t cause static in your hair so you’ll wake up to soft, silky hair without any frizziness. I swear by how sleeping on satin pillowcase can make a huge difference to the skin. Make sure to change your pillowcases every 2-3 days to prevent your skin from breaking out! Also make sure your head is elevated by stacking 2-3 pillows beneath your head for a quality beauty sleep. When your head is elevated, blood circulation to your skin increases giving you naturally flushed and beautiful skin and it also helps skin care products to work better when you sleep with your head elevated!

Essentials Oils: If you have a hard time falling asleep, try spritzing 2-3 drops of some essential oil on your pillow or on your wrists! The best essential oil that makes us fall asleep is lavender essential oil! It reduces tension and stress, helps you relax better, I have personally tried it and felt a difference in me sleeping earlier and better! Add a few drops of any essential oil preferably lavender essential oil on your pillowcase or on a cotton wool and place it under your pillow for getting a peaceful night’s sleep!

Herbal Tea: Have some hot herbal tea before going to bed! Herbal, non caffeinated tea helps calm the mind and will help you to get better sleep! You can have any herbal tea you like- chamomile, green tea, ginger tea, etc. All work the same, they help calm the mind and are anti-inflammatory! I generally drink green tea before going to bed. Even a glass of hot milk will help you sleep better!

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Establish a Bedtime Routine: Make a routine for sleeping the same way everyday! This way you’ll get used to the routine and will fall asleep on the same time. You can read some books, listen to soft music, do some meditation, take a relaxing bath and follow the same ritual everyday! This will help you establish a bedtime routine and if you create a bedtime routine in your schedule and stick to it, you’ll notice that you wake up feeling more refreshed!
Make sure to go to bed before 12:00 am as skin care products works better and penetrate deeper before midnight giving you faster results, so make it a habit of going to bed before midnight and wake up early in the morning for a healthy, beautiful skin!

Sleep In a Dark Room: Sleep in complete darkness, body produces a hormone called melatonin only in the absence of light which is known to be anti-aging! Moreover, even the smallest amount of light can disrupt your sleep quality, so make sure to turn off all light emitting devices in your room to make it a gloomy dark place beefore going to sleep! If it’s not possible to block out every stream of light, then invest in an eye mask to block out all light out of your vision which will help you sleep better. An eye mask with padding around the eyes will also help reduce the appearance of puffy eyes and you will wake up looking more refreshed!

Avoid Alcohol and Caffeinated Beverages: Avoid drinking alcohol before going to bed! It might help you fall asleep faster but will make you wake up in the middle of the night disturbing your whole sleep pattern plus the hazardous effects alcohol has on skin can’t be ignored which leads to early wrinkles and sagging skin. Also avoid caffeine intake as caffeine can lead to insomnia and reduce your sleep quality making you stay awake half the night!

Braid Your Hair: Braid your hair before going to sleep, braiding hair helps reduce the breakage by reducing friction caused at night, reduces damage to a great extent and also maintains a good health of your hair helping them to grow longer and giving you gorgeous luscious locks when you wake up in the morning!

Meditate: Meditate daily for 15-20 minutes before going to bed. Meditation helps you to naturally relax your mind and body which then helps you to fall asleep in a deeper, relaxing state! You can even perform slight breathing exercises or yoga to help fall asleep better!

Use a Lip Balm: Swipe on your favorite lip balm to wake up to soft, luscious lips. For more soft lips, exfoliate your lips first with a soft tooth-brush or a wet washcloth and then use a lip balm, you can even use the good old vaseline for extra hydration! If you suffer from dry, chapped lips, put some mustard oil in your naval before going to bed at night. This is a proven method for making lips soft!


Moisturize Your Hands and Feet: For soft hands and feet, use a hydrating hand and foot cream or any heavy-duty cream and wear cotton gloves and socks to let the moisture sink in deeper which would make you wake up with soft feet and hands!

Invest in a Humidifier: Get a humidifier for your bedroom, a humidifier adds moisture to the air which adds moisture back to the skin making skin more soft and supple! Humidifiers are more important in winters when the air gets colder and drier and skin can’t hold as much moisture as it can in warmer months. Humidifier fills the air with moisture soothing out dry, itchy, dehydrated, cracked skin and you wake up looking fresh and glowy!

Hope you found this post helpful! Do share your thoughts below on how did you liked this post and what other beauty tricks you swear by to improve your beauty sleep!

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39 Responses to “How to Improve Your Beauty Sleep”

  1. Harine says:

    Wow.. really amazing tips.. I did not know about the satin pillowcases. .

  2. Vaishu says:

    i really dono now y i dont get sleep :( i do most of d things.. lemme try d silk pillow case n lavndr oil though i hv a sensitive nose when i sleep.. and i sleep upside down, thats d only position i get sleep does that affect d skin or body ? really a wonderful post… taking care of our skin n body naturally s very important… good job!

    • Arzoo says:

      Ya you will fall asleep with the lavender oil tip and also drink some hot milk before going to bed and do switch off all your electronic devices (t.v, mobile, laptop, etc.) one hour before going to sleep and read yourself some story book, that way you’ll fall asleep soon. Ya sleeping upside down has some gravity effect on skin which causes early wrinkles and also sleeping upside down on cotton pillowcases will cause sagging skin and wrinkles, glad you liked the post like you always do 8-) 8-)

      • Vaishu says:

        yea i do those but i dont read at night cuz i tried it and i ended up reading till i completed d book no matter even if its till 9am in d morning :/ but i manage to sleep before 3 dez days may b lavndr oil wl help me to make it 12 or sooner.. oh man then it wasnt just the stress that was drawing map in my face :( Cant help the position but i think i ll have to invest on firming serums… Cant help this too u knw u write too good that i end up loving it :*

  3. Have read about silk pillows but would love to use it too to seed the results!
    Meditation surely helps!
    Nice Article Arzoo :)

  4. Satin pillows are hard to find in the stores forget about silk ones.. so a few days back I asked Mom to get them custom made for me. You are absolutely is a whole difference experince to sleep on these pillow… I feel like getting pampered :P
    Love your other tips too and need to religiously stick to the ‘early to bed’ routine :)

    • Arzoo says:

      Ya I totally swear by the satin pillowcase tip, I also bought a white satin cloth, got it colored and custom made it to my pillow size from the tailor, ya you should def stick to the early to bed tip and notice a difference in your skin yourself.

  5. shifa says:

    thankyou for sharing these helpful tips! :-D

  6. hira khan says:

    my bedtime routine is get a hot shower and take hot chocolate or hot milk with honey.

    • Arzoo says:

      That works really great but I feel too lazy to take shower at night so I kept that point out thinking if I don’t like this idea, I can’t tell others to follow it but that’s good what you do!

  7. I never used to braid my hair..thankfully i got into my senses and started doing it :D great post as always :D

  8. Anubhuti says:

    Mostly i don’t braid my hair before sleeping :( I used to do it earlier but my hair are long and a few times my braid got under my body and my hair were pulled badly :( So i have stopped doing it..

    I need to correct my sleep-cycle :) Nice post Arzoo..i love such Gyan-wardhak posts :D

  9. srinjla says:

    nice post
    luckily I’m following all the tips except essential oil and meditation. I’m not sure about oil tip but I’ll add meditation for sure

  10. Loadsss of useful tips here.. Gettinga sound sleep is so important for everyone..

  11. Shreya says:

    I love to take a bubble bath an hour before going to sleep …. This post is really very helpful. A must read for everyone :*

  12. Esha says:

    These are some great tips Arzoo, I always sleep in complete darkness, not even a moon light bulb for me! :lol: :lol:

  13. Nati says:

    Wow so many great tips I did NOT have idea of! Thank you, the silk pillow case is the first time I read about that!

  14. Vipra S says:

    Those are some must tips for a busy sleepy head like me :D .. I wish I get free from these work commitments soon and have that much needed beauty sleep soon ;)
    Lovely Post Dear ;)

  15. laks says:

    some great tips mentioned Arzoo :)

  16. sindhu says:

    nice tips… you know doctors swear by now a days that we have to sleep in a complete dark room.

  17. Preethy says:

    Very nice post! Can u pls tell how much would it cost for a silk pillow case generally? Can u pls suggest some store for buying..

    • Arzoo says:

      It would not cost much, depends on the area you are buying from, generally 500 for a pair. Or you can buy a satin cloth from fabric shop and get it custom made from a tailor, that would cost much less plus you can choose the color you want or get a white satin fabric dyed.

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