how-i-got-the-original-complexion-of-my-feetYears of constant exposure to sun and negligence towards my feet made my feet dull and tanned and while I always concentrated on my face, hair and hands to beautify them, I always neglected my feet just coz of lack of time or immense laziness (guilty), it was then I realized how my feet looked of a totally different person than what I am and it was then I murmured to me- God No, I can’t live with these feet, I gotta do something for them but let’s just think what I can do for my feet tomorrow, let’s concentrate on my sleep now which I need the most ?

Pretty excited, I woke up the next day, went for a bath (as usual) and saw the view of my feet, uhh feet, so what do I start with to get rid of the tanning on them, I thought let’s just scrub my feet first and will decide the rest afterwards. So this is what all I did and these 3 things have immensely improved the complexion of my feet and got them back to their original color- pretty, fair and soft!


Now when I noticed severe tanning on my feet, I thought with starting to scrub my feet with a body scrub almost everyday or every alternate day if I run out of time. Scrubbing the feet was one of my wisest decision as I always neglected my feet compared to other body parts. While scrubbing itself, I could see a layer of tan peeling off and my feet coming off as much brighter and softer! It was then, I decided to scrub my feet almost everyday while taking a bath and I have been following this ‘scrub routine‘ religiously coz once you notice a difference, you don’t want to go back! However, if you are not lazy like me and if you go out daily, I’d suggest you to do the scrubbing at night cause scrub basically makes skin more susceptible to sun so it is advisable to scrub the skin at night when there is no sun rays around. I use Sephora lagoon body scrub, Soap & Glory Flake Away Scrub and Votre scrub for my feet, I keep shuffling between them three!


The second thing, I knew I have to start with was a ‘sunscreen’! You all would be (what?) sunscreen on feet? Well, I’d not be surprised if you go on a shocking phase after hearing that we have to use sunscreen on our feet too, yes, feet are exposed to the same amount of sun rays as the face where you apply the most SPF, you see- directions, directions of sun {(Up & Down) Up & Down, Round & Round,¬†okay let’s get back to the topic} that is what does the harm! So I started with applying an SPF 50 sunscreen coz this is what I have at the moment, all SPF 50 sunscreens, the ones which I don’t like using for my face, I ended up using them on my feet (the top of my feet) and the results were just AMAZING, I couldn’t see any tanning and dull, dark feet. They were of the same color with what I was born (okay, NOT with what I was born, jokes apart) but I actually got long-lost complexion of my feet back again.

Face Pack (Feet Pack):

YES, I use face pack on my feet, here is why! So I kind of set a regime for my feet just like CTM for the Face, it is SPS (Scrub, Pack, Sunscreen) for feet, I made sure to scrub my feet and use a sunscreen everyday and use packs on my feet at least thrice a week. I use a mix of diy packs and market bought packs, from diy pack, I mostly use the diy fairness pack and sometimes a mixture of vitamin C capsule dissolved in rose water, mixed in with curd, gram flour, lemon juice and added a capsule of vitamin E in there and it’s good to be used as a pack almost anywhere but I use it on my feet to get rid of the tanning!

Besides all this, I MOISTURIZE my feet everyday, which is not to get rid of the tanning but I usually do moisturize to maintain soft, smooth feet – a heavy-duty moisturizer or a balm at night and a light weight lotion during the day. And I do weekly pedicure at home with my own at-home pedicure :) No more de-tanning sessions at the salon when you can get rid of the tan easily by following a proper regime for your skin!

What’s your secret to get rid of the tan?