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Tips for Healthy Hair for Men

Tips for Healthy Hair for Men Modern society takes physical appearance very seriously. While you might spend plenty of time in the gym, toning muscles, frizzy, and unkempt hair will likely strike more attention. It’s great that you’ve adopted a healthy lifestyle (which is a great place to start even for your hair), but there’s […]

Cruelty Free Brands

Cruelty Free Brands: Makeup, Skin Care & Hair Care!

Who doesn’t love dolling up for a night out, and using that favourite lipstick or pretty blush to complete the look! However, it is very rarely that we sit and ponder over the entire process that led to the creation of that product. Even in today’s age, there are countless brands that are testing on […]

How To Take Care Of Chemically Treated Hair: #DamagedHairCare

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to find hair that hasn’t been chemically treated in some way- perms, curls, straightening, colouring… the list is endless! Obviously these chemicals damage the strength and structure of your natural hair, but don’t worry; we’ve got a few easy tips that will keep your locks healthy and shiny!

Home Remedies To Cure Grey Hair

Grey hair occurs when the hair stops producing melanin, melanin is the pigment that gives hair its color. Researchers have found that naturally occurring Hydrogen Peroxide in the environment can also build up in the hair making them turn grey. Here are some home remedies to cure grey hair!

Home Remedies To Cure Dandruff Naturally

Many of my readers have asked me to suggest them home remedies to treat dandruff. I suggested one of them one very simple remedy i.e coconut oil and camphor, then I thought I should write a full article on how to treat dandruff with home remedies so anyone who reads this can be benefited from […]

Masks For Soft, Smooth and Shiny Hair

Hey Everyone!! Today I thought of sharing some treatment with which you can get soft, smooth and shiny hair easily at home. These are the tried and tested remedies to get healthy hair. I have tried some and definitely felt the results with just one usage. Continue reading more about these hair treatment masks..

Avon Advance Techniques Straight & Sleek Conditioner Review

Hello Everyone!! Today I am here with a review about a conditioner which is from Avon. This conditioner is from the Avon’s Straight and Sleek range. The Straight and Sleek range has shampoo, conditioner and smoothing cream and I have used everything from this range and I am very much satisfied by their claims. Let’s […]

Post Shampoo Hair Rinse

How many of you have tried hair rinses post shampooing your hair? I know not all of you out there might have tried a post shampoo hair rinse. So let’s take note of ways with which we can make our very own hair rinse with just no cost at all… These hair rinse won’t cost […]