By Vaishu

Gym Bag Essentials:  What You Need In Your Gym Bag
Hey my gorgeous ladies,

How are you all today? I am Vaishu and this is my first post :D This is the blog that introduced me to the world of beauty and cosmetics, a year ago I didn’t know anything about beauty and now I am posting in the same blog that taught me all things about beauty and makeup.*Yay!* Thank you so much Arzoo :-* You are the best! :heart: I am so grateful to you and to the blog. Now coming to the post, I have started hitting the gym lately and I was enquiring about gym bag essentials and collected this information. But I really don’t know why this post has been ignored by many sites all over the country. So, I thought of posting one! This question will surely arise in your mind if you are going to the gym for the first time. What do you need to take to the gym? You can’t just go and ask someone in your gym like, “hey, what all we need to keep in our gym bag?” That will sound kind of awkward and you may even feel embarrassed to ask. But how else can you know?
Umm… wait I think I have an idea! Yes, you can still know without asking someone else, for that all you have to do is just continue reading this post. :DGym Bag Essentials

First of all,

A Gym Bag:

Obviously, you need a good looking bag (Cool chic kind of bag if you hit a unisex gym :P After all you may have a crush on someone or you may try to impress people and someone may even fall in love with you :P ) You may even use your not-fit-for-college/office bag, yes the one you threw saying it’s too big if you don’t prefer buying a new one. Get a bag with more compartments as you will have to keep your shoes, towel, water bottle, etc.., so you don’t have to stock everything together and make things more messy.

Comfortable Shoes:

You need shoes to work out in the gym. You can buy a good trainers or even your not-so-formal shoes will do. Get a pair of shoes that fits you right and make sure you are comfortable when you walk, run and while cycling. And yes of course you also need a pair of socks :P

A towel:

Though gyms offer towel but they may not be that hygienic as the ones you use at home. So get a medium size towel which looks fluffy. You’ll need it to wipe your sweat and when you shower. And make sure that you wash it everyday. Keep one or more spare towel at home so you don’t have to show up in only one towel. I also take a kerchief sized towel along with me.

A deodorant/mist:

Gym means sweat, sweat means odour. It’s horrible to meet someone and have conversation when you smell bad. A body mist or deodorant will take care of that for you. So smell good and have the confidence to encounter anyone.

A Lip balm:

Working out in the gym will not only leave your body dehydrated but it will also leave your lips dry. You can’t smile at someone with those dry lips. It won’t look nice, we try so much in college or office to make us look presentable but why not in the gym? So put a lip balm on and rock. No, you can’t wear a lipstick or a lip-gloss as it will not go with the just-from-gym look. A lip balm or a chapstick will do good.

Earphones and IPod/Mp3 player:

Yes, you’ll thank me for this. This is a must for me as I feel dizzy if I barely look at the thread mill while walking. I feel like everything is moving forward. Weird no? So if I have something in my ears to concentrate, then it’s easy. After all we get tired soon and we need something peppy to keep our energy level high. My playlist will have all crazy peppy songs in 5 languages. So get your earphones and get lost into your own world. Selena, Britney, item numbers, hero entry songs, anything will go as far as it’s peppy. I also keep few mild songs because I need a change in everything.

A water bottle:

Working out makes you dehydrated. So you need to drink water to stay hydrated. Also drinking plenty of water is good for health. Get a refillable cute bottle with a lock so it won’t spill all over your bag. Get a normal sized bottle so you don’t need to keep on walking to the water tank. This is a must for me as I get dehydrated very soon.

Light snack:

Most of the time we go to the gym in a hurry without eating anything properly. So when you work out, all your energy will be drained. You don’t need to pass out as soon as you come out of the gym. So you need to eat something but you don’t need to get all those calories you just burned up. So, it’s better to carry light snacks like granola bars, almonds or fresh fruits like orange, apple or a banana.

Hair band:

Tie up your hair into a pony tail and put a hair/head band on as you don’t need to mess up with the greasy hair falling over your sweaty forehead. So let everything be in place and you can work out with no worries of mess.

Sports gear and gloves:

Sports gear has a record of our heart beat rate, the calories you lose with every step. A person who prefers perfect fitness will need this one. Well I don’t as I am not much crazy about fitness. But if you are then you will need it. Gloves are essential for weight lifting. So you don’t need to cut your skin.

First aid stuff:

You never know when you will get a muscle spasm or strain yourself. So you need to have a pain reliever balm along. I always keep my volini spray as I feel it’s working very well for me. Also keep some Band-Aids as you never know when you are going to have a scratch or cut or blisters.

Gym dress:

You need to wear some dress that will make you feel “yes, I need to work out” A tank top with a sporty bra or a t-shirt and a shorts or pants will go well. Get a dress that doesn’t make you look bad but pretty just like you are. Get a dress that fits well but not too lose or too tight.

A spare dress:

You need something to change into after your gym session. You don’t need to show up in the sweaty dress, do you? Or you can even get a jacket to put it over your gym dress and give an athletic look ;) Or you can rock your tank top look with a scarf and a pair of sunglasses.

Face wash:

Working out causes sweat and so all the pores in your face will open up. Dirt and germs will accumulate into the pores and will cause breakouts. So, it’s necessary to wash your face to remove all the dirt, grime and sweat. Also use a toner as it will close all the pores and apply sunscreen while you are going out.

Wet wipes:

In case if you are not taking the shower then these are your life savers. You can use them on your face or even on your body. Get something that even moisturizes a bit, so you will not look greasy but fresh till you go home and take the shower after the gym.

Tissue towels:

It’s more hygienic as you don’t need to re-use it and so no worries about bacteria, dirt and other stuffs :D.


You don’t need to show up with all the tangles in your hair. You will need to carry a travel size comb to tame your hair which turns messy while working out.


I am the kind of person who carries my wallet where ever I go. I also keep mad money everywhere right from my bag, desk, bike, notebooks, anywhere and everywhere. Who knows when I will need to buy something or even my vehicle can backfire so I always need some decent amount of money. Also I need to keep my membership cards, driver’s license and all other stuffs. It never hurts to stuff in a wallet somewhere.


You don’t want to lose your gym bag, do you? You can’t trust anyone just because it’s a Porsche gym. It’s always good to make sure that your stuffs are safe back at the girl’s locker room.

Plastic bags:

You don’t need to stock all your shoes, dresses, shower and after shower stuffs together. All you have to do is wrap them all separately in a cover and place it in your bag. So nothing will get messy. There are even bags available in market for the same purpose, you are free to go and grab some.

If you are taking the shower …

Shower essentials:

Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, loofah or wash towel. You need all these things though they provide you with one. Get a medium-sized bottle that is easy to carry and not so big like the ones you use at home and not so small so you don’t have to refill it every other day. You don’t have to look sweaty and greasy, so wash yourself completely and go fresh.

After shower essentials:

Get all your after shower stuffs like toner, moisturizer, body lotion, sunscreen, a natural looking cream and a kajal. You can also get a hair dryer if you want. You don’t have to look too obvious or a mismatch to say that you just worked out. You can look all fresh and natural. So you can smile at someone outside your gym without worrying how you look. (Not the crush thing completely but also someone else you know :D ) Even if you are supposed to go somewhere, you can go with no second thinking.

Shower slippers:

Yes, not every bathroom floor is clean or even if they are clean who knows what they use to clean the floor. We can’t say it just by looking at it. So you need to wear slippers to keep your feet clean.

That’s it! Now you are good to go :D. You can keep this bag all ready so you can go to the gym when you have free time even when you didn’t plan without any sort of hesitation be it early morning or late evening, go get fit and live a happier, healthy life :D. Happy gymming!