Globox: A New Box in Town Perfect for Your Monthly Beauty Needs!

Would you believe if I say I’ve never tried any monthly subscription box or bag before except for once (which was Fab Bag and I wasn’t much impressed with it!)? I know it’s hard to believe for a beauty blogger to not have tried a subscription box/bag but I kind of never liked them or got intrigued to any of the subscription bags/boxes no matter how much the world raved about them. Samples and mini sized products are *just so* not me coz I anyways can’t make out how good or bad the product is for my skin from sample sachets or those mini sized bottles and I never get excited receiving those mini bottles or sachets as they’d be simply lying unused in my vanity (that’s just me, I don’t like using samples, I always pass the sample products to my friends)!

So, this is when Globox landed in market and changed the whole concept of subscription boxes (at least for me it did!) by introducing 5 full sized products and choosing products that are handpicked based on your skin type, hair type, skin or hair concern (now that’s amazing, isn’t it?)  So, I knew this is something for me and something that I really have to try and with the first ever subscription box (Globox) review on the blog, I’d let you all know why it’s totally worth it!

globoxThe Globox comes in a brown cardboard box (which isn’t any exciting, I’m all for pretty packaging these days and this is where it didn’t meet my expectations plus I couldn’t photograph the box beautifully, if you are reading this #Globox team, please tryna change the packaging and come up with something quirky and fun like Birchbox)

UPDATE: I guess they are looking for someone who can do doodling and can design their box, if you think you can do it, get in touch with them, I’m not sure on this but I got this info from their Facebook page!

Also there’s a small handwritten note written by the founder of the box – Jyoti :) which is a really sweet gesture!

So we get 5 full-sized products in there which are handpicked based on your profile which you have to fill before subscribing to the box and this monsoon special box curated based on my skin type and concern has:


Khadi Jasmine & Mogra Herbal Body Wash (Rs. 220):

Jasmine & Mogra ~ sounds interesting as I’ve never tried any product with these two ingredients before plus not to mention, the body wash is SLS free and Paraben free which is amazing! The body wash is quite moisturizing and it leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean and soft, this body wash has definitely made its place to my bathroom cabinet as I reach out for it quite often!

Biobloom Jasmine Face Mist (Rs. 250):

This facial mist is apt for the monsoon season and goes perfect with the theme of the box – Monsoon Edition! The mist is super hydrating and ‘au naturel‘ but I wished the nozzle was a lil sturdy and thoughtful as the mist goes all over rather than on your face when you spritz it holding in the centre of your face. Nonetheless, I trick the nozzle and make it spray (sometimes not) on my face coz that’s where it’s meant to be used ?

Oriflame Love Nature Face Wash (Rs. 159):

I wasn’t much excited to receive this face wash in the box as I’m very particular of what skin care products I use so I’d just pass it on, altho it’s quite refreshing and makes skin feel clean and soft but I know I’d end up not using it so I’d just pass it on and also not to mention it smells orangish- which is coz it has oranges in it, duh!

~My Current Skin Care Routine

Skinyoga Marigold Foot Soak (Rs. 299): 

I haven’t tried this product but I’m hoping it does some magic to my feet as I’m always on the lookout for a good foot soak but didn’t come across any as of yet! I make my own foot soak when I do my pedicure but this came in really handy as it’s gonna be quick, will save time and hopefully would do wonders (Magic) to my feet! It says it’s 100% natural moisturizer free from all the nasty chemicals, it de-tans and has Marigold which works as an excellent coolant to bring down the body heat. It’s also got pure coconut oil and sea salt-sounds interesting, can’t wait to dip my beautiful (okay, you know what I mean, not so beautiful) feet in this foot soak.

Soultree Ayurvedic Kajal (Rs. 350):

I have never tried anything from this brand before but have heard good things about it, I’m not a kajal person but still you’ll always find 8-9 kohls in my stash which are lying unused and as new as they were bought ?The Soultree kajal is made with natural ingredients like how you make homemade kajal with ghee, camphor, organic almond oil but I don’t know the exact procedure (how in the world would I know the procedure), I just read what it says ? So the kajal goes on really smooth but it ain’t much pigmented and ain’t even smudge proof!

globox-reviewPrice: Rs. 799

Total Cost of Products: Rs 1278

You can subscribe to the box Here.

Also there’s something about this box which says why the box is brown – it’s your ticket to win a free box every week and grand prize worth more than Rs. 10,000 details of which can be found on their website!

The subscription plan goes as ~ Rs. 799 for monthly subscription, Rs. 2247 for 3 months subscription, Rs. 4194 for 6 months subscription and Rs. 7188 for yearly subscription.

Overall, I’m super impressed with the box and I definitely would recommend this to everyone who doesn’t like sample products like me and who likes receiving surprise goodies in the monthly box (which would be based on your profile and not just any random products)!

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    Would love to get this every month! Great prices too I see

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    heard glo box is really amazing. great post

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