Global Beauty Secret- Part 1

This post is about what different countries’ women do to stay beautiful. Every women wants to look beautiful and they do whatever it takes to maintain their beauty and hair.¬†These ancient secrets from around the world are sure to make you look and feel fabulous. Today I will share with you the global beauty secrets and the ancient beauty secrets I have uncovered..


Australian women pour 2 cups of milk powder in their bath water. It makes their skin soft and smooth.


Greek women are known for their glowing skin. This is because of their mediterranean diet. They include fish in their diet. Fish contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid. Besides this, fresh fruits and vegetables are their main meal which gives them abundant antioxidants and vitamins. Greek women believe that olive oil is very good for their skin. You must also try this Greek trick, replace butter with olive oil in your diet and make your skin soft & glowing. :)


Swedish women are really beautiful. You must see them :). They keep their skin glowing by a special type of toner. To make this toner, you will need mineral water, green tea or white tea bags. Boil green tea or white tea bags (which ever you prefer) in mineral water, let it cool completely, strain it & then freeze this toner in ice cubes tray. Use these ice cubes as a toner. Try this and see how it works for our Indian skin.


French women likes to paint their nails with bright colors like red, cherry and pink. If you are also crazy about painting your nails with bright colors then you got to take care of your nails like french women does. To bring shine in nails, mix lemon juice in warm water and soak your nails in this mixture for 15 minutes. Your nails will be much whiter.. :)


Women of Singapore likes to use papaya and avocado regularly on their face. This keeps their skin glowing in Singapore’s hot and moist weather. Moreover, papaya is an excellent exfoliant and removes dead cells efficiently.


German women mix buttermilk in bath tub and then soak themselves in there. This makes skin soft while giving it nutrients. Buttermilk is easily and widely available in India, so you too can give it a try. I tried this trick once and noticed my skin to be really soft and smooth just like butter. :) I am totally serious. No jokes.. :)


If sunlight causes you tanning or sunburn, then you must know this secret of Egyptian women. Grate cucumber with the help of a grater, squeeze out all the juice from it and mix it with honey. Apply it on tanned areas and on sunburned skin once or twice a week. This is a very famous remedy for removing tan and healing tan.:)

Hope you find this article somewhat helpful and tell me in the comments which personal trick or beauty tip works for you.. :)

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