Forest Essential Kerala Lime Glaze Lip Balm Review

By Pallavi

Forest Essential Kerala Lime Glaze Lip Balm
Heyy beauties,

This is my very first post on Beauty and makeup love and I am quite excited. Let me first tell you a little background story about myself. I am blessed with dry skin which is quite easily prone to dullness. And tanning is a major issue for me. Other than this I have some mild pigmentation issues on my face as well as lips. My lips are quite dark compared to my facial skin. So, that’s the story about my skin.

Forest essential is a product I have recently ventured and have some products of this brand and let me tell you girlies I am quite impressed. Forest essential as a brand is quite good. It is renowned to have natural and Ayurvedic products. So, you can trust this brand with closed eyes. Here the product which I am reviewing today is Forest Essential Kerala Lime Glaze lip balm. As I said above my lips are dark and the SA at the store suggested me this one. So, I thought to give it a try. Its been 3 weeks I am using this product and it’s perfect time to share my experience –

Here comes the product itself-

Forest Essential Kerala Lime Glaze Lip Balm ReviewIsn’t the product quite luxurious???? The gold packaging attracts me a lot.

Price and quantity: Rs. 495 for 5 grams.

Product claims:

Forest Essential Lip Balm is uniquely designed to replenish and soften dry, chapped lips. Enriched with goodness of Natural Butters and Beeswax this balm gently heals and hydrate the lips. Free from synthetic chemicals and petroleum products this Lip Balm contains Lime Oil and Almond oil to protect your lips. Due to its extraordinary moisturizing and hydrating properties it seals in moisture and soothes dry lips leaving them soft and glossy.

My Thoughts on Forest Essential Kerala Lime Glaze Lip Balm:

The product in the tub seems like quite hard and tough. I was wondering how will it feel soft on lips. But as soon as I put my fingers in the tub it felt very soft. It was like a feather on fingers and on application it felt like silk. So soft and comfortable. The next thing on your mind as soon as you apply the product is the smell. It has a strong citrus smell and the product is lemon yellow in color. And yess, I love lemons. So, the smell is not an issue for me but may be for sensitive noses.

Forest Essential Kerala Lime Glaze Lip Balm ReviewThe balm is transparent in color so it does not imparts any color on lips. So, I use it in two ways-

1. Night application- to soothe my dry chapped lips.

2. Regular application- under my regular lipsticks as a base to make the application smooth.

With regular application I no more have chapped lips. My lips are as soft as the balm itself.

Forest Essential Kerala Lime Glaze Lip Balm ReviewForest Essential Kerala Lime Glaze Lip Balm SwatchesNow coming to the most important claim-
Pigmentation issues- well hold your breath ladies…yessss it worked

With regular application I saw my lips getting lighter after 10-15 days approx. So, don’t expect a one night magic. With little patience you can see the effect. As everybody hard works pays off so this will also a be a paisa vasool buy for you ladies.

Summing up the pros and cons of the product-

Pros of Forest Essential Kerala Lime Glaze Lip Balm:

  1. Feels very light on lips.
  2. Excellent moisturization properties.
  3. Trustworthy brand.
  4. Pigmentation claims are quite impressive.
  5. Works as a multi-purpose product.
  6. Classy Packaging.

Cons of Forest Essential Kerala Lime Glaze Lip Balm:

  1. Some may be allergic to smell
  2. No ingredient list mentioned

BML Rating: 4.5/5

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51 Responses to “Forest Essential Kerala Lime Glaze Lip Balm Review”

  1. bidisha says:

    yeh dekhke toh khane ko man kar raha hai :P

  2. Works on pigmentation!! Thats awesome…would definitely try it..Loved the review dear :)

  3. Gowthami says:

    good for pigmented lips! sounds great, I have to try FE products :) xo

  4. Charu Sharma says:

    Jar packaging is always a drawback with such products but this one is worth trying if it works on pigmented lips!! Lovely review :)

  5. Radha says:

    WOW!!! helping for lip pigmentation :D I am gonna buying it soon :D

  6. Thats pretty impressive dear. I would have to try this product for my pigmented lips

  7. Simera says:

    This sounds great. I am glad that it makes lips soft.

  8. laks says:

    I love anything where Kerala (my home land) is mentioned ;) :-P

  9. Arzoo says:

    Very well written review Pallavi, I should try this lip balm super soon if it works on pigmentation and feels soft like silk :))

  10. Esha says:

    I have this and it is one of my favorite lip balms! Nice review Pallavi :)

  11. srinjla says:

    sounds good but jar packaging is always a drawback for me

  12. pallavi bose says:

    but the added advantage of this lip balm will make u luv it…trust me srinjla

  13. Richa Saxena says:

    Thats pretty awesome if It works on pigmentation..Would love to give it a try!!!
    Lovely Review Hun :)

  14. Appu says:

    Gosh!! Does it really work! Awesome yaar.. and before after pic tho banta tha :(
    nevertheless Im buying it :)

  15. pragya says:

    very nicely reviwed Pall!! I am eyeing it now …. :-* :-* :-*

  16. Tanmayee says:

    Good to know that it works on pigmentation :) nice post …

  17. Arshita says:

    Wow, it works on pigmentation? That’s great! Loved the review dear.. :D :-))

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  19. mily says:

    will definitely try this!!!

  20. nausheen says:

    i am gonna grab this soon….awsome post dear :)

  21. subha says:

    I have not tried forest essential products yet, but this looks good.

    • pallavi bose says:

      subha…FE has awsum skin care range…u will fall in love with the packaging in first look and product performance in second look

  22. Rashmi says:

    Awesome lip balm…completely worth giving a try…beautifully reviewed Pallavi… :-))

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