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How To Do Pedicure At Home with Step by Step Guide

How To Do Pedicure At Home: Easy Step By Step Guide

How To Do Pedicure At Home: Easy Step by Step Guide This is a highly requested post and we dedicate this post to all the super busy women around the world. If you are a working woman or a new mom, life can be super busy for you and hitting a parlor would be the […]

Skin Brightening Kiwi Face Mask DIY

Skin Brightening Kiwi Face Mask DIY Hi Gorgeous, Yesterday I was lying down thinking what post should I write today then I thought why not do a DIY post on the blog instead of a review as it’s been quite long since I last did a DIY post. So, I started searching the kitchen and […]

DIY Charcoal Pack

DIY Charcoal Pack: Easy DIY To Detoxify Your Skin

DIY Charcoal Pack: Easy DIY To Detoxify Your Skin Hey Everyone, Today I will be showing you all how to make an easy diy charcoal packwhich will help get rid of all the impurities and will deep cleanse your skin while giving you a clear, bright and glowy skin. So move on, if you want […]

DIY HairSpray: Only 2 Things Needed

Hi Girls, Today I’m going to share with you all a quick easy diy which was requested by some of you girls long back but I totally forgot about this diy, just yesterday when I saw my hairspray lying in my stash, it reminded me that I had to do a diy hairspray which has […]

Get Pink Lips Naturally: 3 Easy DIYs

Hi Girls, Today I’m going to share with you three easy diys which you can easily do at home. These diys are great for treating pigmented lips and helps in getting pink lips naturally over time. I know I don’t do much diys now *lazy me* but I’ll be soon coming up with lot’s of […]

5 Homemade Toners For Acne Prone And Oily Skin

Toners are a vital part in any skin care routine. With regular use, toners can make skin appear youthful, taut, even textured, less oily, pimple free and even toned. Toners dry up the acne and help it to heal fast. Toners help to remove oily buildup, dirt, residue and dead skin cells and assist in […]

DIY Vitamin C Toner For Glowing Skin

Hey Everyone, I’m back with a DIY yet again! This time it’s a toner (yes a homemade toner), this toner will revive your dull skin and with daily usage will give you a glowing and brighter skin!

DIY Anti-Aging Mask For All Skin Types

Hello Beautiful, :) Today’s DIY is a anti-aging mask. Most of us are suffering from wrinkles, crows feet, fine lines, laugh lines, etc. Then despite of wasting your money on all expensive anti-aging products why not try something that is already in your kitchen. Yes, you heard me right, :clap: anti-ageing with kitchen ingredients. So […]

Scrub For Softer Skin- DIY

Hello Girls!! It’s a DIY post again. Today’s DIY is a scrub for softer skin. Well, who in the world don’t want soft skin and in the months of chilly winters when skin gets rough and patchy, soft skin is the desire of every girl and boy also 😛 Move on to know how you can […]

DIY Scrub For Brighter Skin

Hello Prettiest!!! Today it’s a DIY again, I know how people went gaga on my last two DIYs that’s why I thought to share another unique and useful DIY which is absolutely easy to make. So here goes the pic for the whole DIY, didn’t understand anything from it then continue reading it to know exactly […]