DIY Charcoal Pack: Easy DIY To Detoxify Your Skin

DIY Charcoal Pack

DIY Charcoal Pack: Easy DIY To Detoxify Your Skin

Hey Everyone,

Today I will be showing you all how to make an easy diy charcoal packwhich will help get rid of all the impurities and will deep cleanse your skin while giving you a clear, bright and glowy skin. So move on, if you want to know how to make this easy diy!

DIY Charcoal Pack
Things You’ll Need:

  • 3-4 charcoal tablets
  • Green tea bag or half a tsp of green tea leaves
  • 1 tsp honey
  • 1 tsp curd

How To Make the Skin Purifying Mask:

Step 1: Crush the charcoal tablets. You can get charcoal tablets easily at any chemist shop and they are dirt cheap – you will get 5-10 tablets for Rs. 2/3. See how inexpensive they are! Okay now crush the charcoal tablets and put the powder in a mixing bowl.

DIY Skin Purifying MaskStep 2: Now empty the green tea bag’s content in the charcoal powder or if you have dried green tea leaves, just add half a tsp of that to the charcoal powder.

DIY Skin Purifying MaskDIY Skin Purifying MaskStep 3: Add 1 tsp honey and 1 tsp curd to this mixture and now mix everything until it becomes a smooth black paste.

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The paste will look like this after mixing all the ingredients.

DIY Skin Purifying MaskNow use your fingers or your face mask brush to apply the mask on your face and neck. Wait for it to completely dry. It may take 15-20 minutes to dry, after then rinse it off with warm water.

DIY Skin Purifying MaskThis would be the best mask you may have ever tried and you will thank me after using this mask and seeing its results.

Some Charcoal properties:

  • Charcoal is an antioxidant, helps to treat free radical damage and sun damage.
  • Draws out impurities from the face.
  • Purifies the skin.
  • It is detoxifying in nature.
  • Absorbs excess oil.
  • Deep cleanses skin and clears the skin with regular use over time.

This mask will draw out impurities from deep within your face and will make your skin fresh, clear and healthy. It deep cleanses the skin so it’s best to use this mask once a week or twice a week if you have oily skin. It instantly brightens the skin, makes it clear and fresh. But it can be a little drying for dry skin so I would advise dry skinned people to immediately moisturize the skin after washing this mask off.

Warning: Please do not come out of your room when you have applied this mask, your horror face can cause a heart attack to someone 😀 Okay jokes apart, do not apply this mask while wearing light colored clothes as it can stain them, also use a toner after washing your face to remove any leftover black residue by this mask.

Hope you liked this easy skin purifying mask, do try making it once and let me know how you felt your skin after using this mask. I’m right here to hear your comments 😀 like how you all always come back trying out my diys and comment that you felt a huge difference in your skin after using my easy diy packs and scrubs!

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  1. Revathy HnB says:

    this sounds amazing! never knew charcoal tablets are available till date.. shall chk out :)

  2. Esha says:

    Wow, Arzoo..awesome DIY, had no clue that we could get charcoal tablets!!! Will try :)

  3. This is great and easy…where do we get charcoal tablets?

  4. Gowthami says:

    Great diy arzoo! :) Charcoal is a great ingredient to remove deep set impurities.. :-)) :yes:

  5. Ramya Rao says:

    will definately try tis. such a useful DIY. :).. btwn. where u got these tablets ?????

  6. laks says:

    This is a must try DIY. Heard a lot about goodness of charcoal :-)

  7. Shreoshe says:

    I’ll try this very very soon. Great post girl!

  8. tapaswini says:

    awesoe post arzoo dear, we just have to say charcoal tablets?? or any brand name there ? it would be useful I wanna try it as soon as possible

    • Arzoo says:

      First to I love this dp of yours :D never got a chance to say and thank you and you just have to say bhaiya charcoal tablets dena ;) ;) they come open :D don’t have any particular brand.

  9. srinjla says:

    awesome DIY and nice warning too ;)

  10. Rashmi says:

    This sounds superb and interesting too….great DIY dear…will try it…:-)

  11. nausheen says:

    first charcoalmask i have evr heard about, will surely give it a try :)

  12. Lakshmipriya says:

    Wowwww awesome DIY Arzoo, I always love fave products tat contain charcoal :-) really never knew tat we can get charcoal tabs :-P definitely trying it.. I would like to scare my roomies too :-P :-D ;-)

    • Arzoo says:

      Hehe do scare them Lakshmi, yeah charcoal tablets are quite easily and widely available and you’ll love the results of how this pack will leave your skin, use it once a week every week.

  13. Yogita says:

    Arzoo… Ur an ultimate DIY’s QUEEN :blush: what an awesome DIY… definitely going to try this for sure… Thanks a tonn… :yes:

  14. Agnibanya says:

    Oh dear..this really sounds awesome..I have to give it a try for sure :)

  15. mily says:

    wow arzoo..never heard of charcoal tablets..will definitely try this!! Thanks for sharing :D

  16. Aditi says:

    Awesome gallll… and this charcoal tablet thing rocks..absolutely,great post Arzoo..

  17. Charu Sharma says:

    I would do it today only “Bhaiya charcoal tablets dena”hehehe …I died laughing…called up Ritcha immediately to share this awesome line ;)
    But darling, loved your DIY to the core….so easy…both of us (Ritcha n me) would be doing kaala muh with charcoal today ;) :p hehehe

    • Arzoo says:

      Haha :P you notice such things very cleverly :P I know Ritcha must have burst in laughter hearing this funny line ;) kala muh hehe :P go gore se kala both of you but then again gori after washing it off ;)

  18. Tanmayee says:

    hey…very new to me :) I shall definitely try it :) thanks..

  19. Richa Saxena says:

    Super awesome DIY Arzoo! I had no idea about Charcoal tablets..I am gonna hunt that & givethese a try…Lovely DIY dear :)

  20. Payal says:

    Wow! I was not aware about these tablets and also that anyone cud get them easily on medical store… Love it! Wanna give it a try and i am sure it will be organic and great than the lotus one i used recently :) Truly love it.

    • Arzoo says:

      True, you’ll just love it, better and cheaper than most market bought face masks that claims to have charcoal but on the ingredient list, you will see it at the bottom, which doesn’t do any good.

  21. OMG! This is an amazing DIY babes! Whr can i find these tablets?
    I am trying this definitely!!!
    Gorgeous pics! :*

  22. Harine says:

    Wow, Arzoo. Great post.. will surely try it out. But I dont want my skin to become completely dry.. If I use this twice a week, will my skin become very dry..?

  23. Radha says:

    This is something new and I need to get those tablets :) Great job dear

  24. Manasi says:

    Nice Post dear :)

  25. Awesome DIY thanks fr sharing Arzoo dear :-D

  26. Preethi says:

    Never know abt it .thanks for sharing

  27. Simera says:

    Wow Arzoo this sounds great.

  28. Thanks for sharing sweethrt.. i am going through this all charcoal love phase gonna try this :D
    :yes: :yes: :yes:

    • Arzoo says:

      Why everyone is so obsesses with charcoal nowadays :D anyways it’s a great thing to clarify and deep cleanse akin so you should def try out this diy :)

  29. Niesha says:

    wow! It was something really good. I will soon try it out, the only missing stuff is charcoal tablets, I need to get them asap now. <3 thanks for sharing this darlin! :)

  30. Arshita says:

    I had no idea that charcoal is available in tablets and sooo cheap! :shock: Me running asap to the chemist to get it!! :beauty: Thanks for the lovely DIY dear!! :-*

  31. Mayuri says:

    awesome DIY babe :* never knew you can get charcoal tablets at dirt cheap rates :O thanks for sharing dear.. will definitely try this over the weekend <3

    • Arzoo says:

      Ya Mayuri and so much better than market bough charcoal products, at least we know that it’s all natural and has charcoal as an active ingredient unlike the market bought ones which claims charcoal in the products but in the ingredients list, we see it at the bottom :/

  32. Dollie says:

    Sounds really good. Will try it out soon. The charcoal won’t make my skin break out na?

  33. Vaishu says:

    Charcoal tablets?!… :shock: :shock: till date no diys worked for meas it has all natural and herbal ingredients… jst gottemptedby d charcoal…seems so good.. lemme hunt.,, fingers crossed…disadvantages of having a sensitive and softskin :-( :-((

    • Arzoo says:

      Oh, sensitive skin is really a pain but how soft skin :P do give it a try, who knows it could be your best diy ever, try karne me kya jata hai ;)

      • Vaishu says:

        Yes soft skin is also a problem cuz sometyms few things make my skin feel bad with some sort of allergies or break outs or even rashes… it will roughen my skin or in case of allergies it pains a lot.. who wants to spoil a softer skin :P yea am also thinking about givig it a try cuz unlike turmeric this is not herbal so i dont think it will cause big problems,, but sparing yoghurt for beauty instead of eating is a hard thing to do.. harder like making an oreo milk shake.. i ate half of d oreo n ice cream before making it :laugh: sure gonna try this… i ve used ponds activated carbon facewash.. it made my oily skin very dry but i like d carbon or charcoal since it deep cleanses… yes whts gna go in trying.. lemme try… i ll inform d results soon :-))

        • Arzoo says:

          Hehe hard to spare curd for beauty :P just keep a tsp aside and Oreo biscuits, I just don’t like them at all, they taste so bad to me :/ do try it out and lemme know the results, first time hearing that anyone is allergic to turmeric also :shock:

          • Vaishu says:

            Hmm wat to do i love it.. anyways thr ll b curd always so i guess i can spare a tblspn.. :-)) yea even i dont like oreo but when its grinded into powder it taste so good and feels cool in mouth :P thats y i ate half of d powdered oreo.. :laugh: yes i am .. turmeric, gram flour, aloevera, mint.. i can eat these but i cant apply it on my skin.. (i havnt ate aloevera yet ) orange n original sandal stick alone works a little.. but orng burns a lot.. thats y i told u i am allergic to all herbal products :( and yea am gna try it this week end and tell u.. who knows it may work.. :D

            • Arzoo says:

              I’m also allergic to aloe vera and mint but everything else works fine for my skin, ya do try it, hope it does not give you any allergic reaction and works fine for you.

              • Vaishu says:

                Oh never thought herbal products could be allergic to u :shock: i too hope so.. how eva v ll knw d result by tmro eve or sunday mrng :D

  34. Manisha says:

    wow I am gonna grab some charcoal tablets now. You are truly a DIY queen <3

  35. Megha says:

    Wow Aroo. this looks fantastic. I love diy masks. Never knew charcoal tablets exists :P Will definitely gonna try it out! Thanx for sharing :)

  36. Yogita says:

    It would be great of help if u also name the brand….. :-))

    • Arzoo says:

      Just say charcoal tablets Yogita or show them the pic of charcoal tablets from google, they will understand better, it does not come in any specific brand as such, they come open.

  37. I am all tempted to try this awesum maskk.. Never knew abt charcoal tablets.. will get them soon!! :D

  38. Somdatta says:

    wow! charcoal tablets! you are a wonder babe! Definitely would give this a try! <3

  39. Jiya Saklani says:

    I love face masks and love to pamper myself with them time to time. I can bet it is going to be the best mask to date. Thanks for sharing! Love. Jiya

    • Arzoo says:

      Yup Jiya, you’ll love it I’m sure and you must try it out for sure, find charcoal tablets soon and include it in your weekly routine :))

  40. such an awesome post… <3 thanks for sharing darling.. <3

  41. nancy says:

    is it safe for sensitive skin ?

  42. Geeta Shenoy says:

    This mask looks intriguing .Gonna try out :) thanks

  43. Silpa says:

    Thanks a ton arzoo…tried charcoal pack today. Skin felt so alive n soft…lovable affect. Wil try for mom too.

  44. sona rathore says:

    can we store this mask for same days.. . if yes then for how many days??

  45. Mrs. Sachdeva says:

    Hi Arzoo .. How often should this pack be used?

  46. Rajameena says:

    I wanna know a DIY mask for acne prone skin to avoid breakouts and lighten acne marks. Can u pls post one for it.

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