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How I Got The Original Complexion of My Feet Back Again!

How to Improve Your Beauty Sleep

How to Improve Your Beauty Sleep Hey Everyone, Today I would be sharing some basic tips that would help you to improve your beauty sleep. You all know what is beauty sleep, right? Beauty sleep is sleep considered to be sufficient to keep one looking young and beautiful. Your skin and your body goes into […]

Amrita Rao’s Beauty & Health Secrets: What She Do To Stay Beautiful

Hey Everyone, :) Amrita Rao’s Beauty & Health Secrets

Hollywood Beauty Secrets

Hi Everyone, Weekend is just about to over but the most awaited day for all married girls is just approaching (Karwachauth)! Every women wants to look as special as she can on Karwachauth so today I’d be sharing with you all some beauty secrets of Hollywood actress that they do to keep their skin glowy […]

Pooja Gaur’s Hair, Skin And Makeup Secrets

Hi Everyone!! Pooja Gaur is an Indian television actress. She has done many serials but the one serial that got her fame was “Pratigya” on star plus. I think she is a great actress and have really great skin i.e clear and flawless. So I am here to reveal her secrets of hair, skin and […]

Global Beauty Secret- Part 2

Hello Prettiest!! I know I am too late on this post, sorry girls but I am finally here to unveil more beauty secrets from across the world. You can check out the first part HERE if you haven’t checked it yet.

Global Beauty Secret- Part 1

This post is about what different countries’ women do to stay beautiful. Every women wants to look beautiful and they do whatever it takes to maintain their beauty and hair. These ancient secrets from around the world are sure to make you look and feel fabulous. Today I will share with you the global beauty secrets […]

Skin’s Best Friends

Hello Ladies!! In my last post, I talked about Top Enemies for all Skin Types and today I will tell you what are some of the skin’s best friends that can win over the enemies of skin. While the skin’s enemies harm your skin in every way, these skin’s best friends will benefit your skin […]

Alia Bhatt’s Beauty and Diet Secrets

Hi Everyone… Today I want to share with you all what Alia had reveal in an interview about her beauty and diet routine. Alia has lost 16 kg before shooting for Student of the Year. Isn’t that epic! Who can lose this much weight so fast.. She was a bit chubby and had to lose weight […]