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I think no one needs an introduction to what a face mask is. Everyone is well aware of what is a face mask and how to use it but there is more than that of which you are not aware. Face mask is of various types like sheet mask, peel-off mask, whitening mask, gel mask, firming mask, rejuvenating mask, etc. Masks can be made at home by using simple ingredients found in your kitchen or they can be brought from the market which are in ready to use form..

facial-mask-girl-300x300Only applying mask will not give you the benefits you want, mask is useful when it is applied in a proper way, when it is kept till right time and removed within the time period mentioned.

1. Apply it after taking Bath: If you use a mask right after you bath, it will more probably give much-needed benefits to your skin because at that time your pores are open and your skin retains maximum moisture by which more nutritious elements can be gained from a mask. If you can’t use a mask after taking bath, then soak a towel in hot water, squeeze out the excess water and place it on your face which will open up your pores.

2. Use Nutrient Essence before a Mask: Before using a whitening mask, apply nutrient essence on your skin so that whitening mask can show great effects. Use nutrient essence by patting it on your face. It can also be a face serum.


3. When Applying Mask: When applying mask on your face, start applying it from your nose and then spread it from there to all over your face in outward direction so that there may be no space left in mask for air. This will make it easy for the mask to spread!

4. Cover It: Don’t ever keep your mask in fridge or place it in hot water, this kills all the effective nutrients from the mask. Always keep the mask at normal room temperature.

Note: Whenever you apply mask, cover your face with a towel so that the mask is air tight. When air gets trapped in your mask, it destroys all the benefits from your mask making it work less for your skin.

5. Keep the Mask for Recommended Time Period: All the face masks has a recommended leave on time on them and no mask should be kept longer than the mentioned time period. If you’d keep the mask for an extended period, it will strip all the moisture from your skin rather than giving it any moisture.

So what are your views about a face mask or anything special about a mask. Tell me in the comments..

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