7 Street Wear Color Rich Nail Paint Shades, Price, Swatches
Streetwear products are spreading its magic all over the bloggersphere. Every girl is kinda obsessed with their cute revamped packaging and improved quality. I picked up 7 shades, planning to pick up few more since I’m loving the quality and funky colors this range has plus they are super cheap so I can go on picking as many shades as I like ;) Tomorrow I would be going for shopping so would pick up more shades. If you have any particular cool shade in mind, do let me know in comments below.7-Street-Wear-Color-Rich-Nail-Paint-Shades2

7-street-wear-color-rich-nail-paint-shades-pr-L-heNIsMPrice: Rs. 60 for 5ml7-street-wear-color-rich-nail-paint-shades-pr-L-U_a1agThe texture of these nail paints is smooth and glossy, I didn’t find any matte shade in them yet. These are available in pearl and shimmer finishes too. They dry up in 3-4 minutes which I think is too much but never mind, I have the patience to wait that much! The brush is good but some nail paints has stubborn stiffy brush which causes streaks while applying the nail paint, have to clean my nail paint again and again just to get a perfect finish only coz of the brushes in some nail paint bottles.

7-street-wear-color-rich-nail-paint-shades-pr-L-7L2xeh7-street-wear-color-rich-nail-paint-shades-pr-L-zNVYjsFrom Left to Right: Fairytale Romance, Saucy Orange, Purple Passions, Be Mine.7-street-wear-color-rich-nail-paint-shades-pr-L-Pk2m1o7-street-wear-color-rich-nail-paint-shades-pr-L-CBIIn6I love Saucy Orange and Be Mine the most :heart: :heart:

I have used two coats of all the nail paints.

7-street-wear-color-rich-nail-paint-shades-pr-L-rILpUsFrom Left to Right: Bridal Sensation, Dragonfly Green, Lady Blue Eyes.7-street-wear-color-rich-nail-paint-shades-pr-L-EBIQ4lWhich shade you liked the most? If possible, I would do separate reviews on these nail paints! If there is any other pretty shade in this range that I should own, do let me know in the comments!