5 Slimming Tips

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This time it’s not about beauty but some basic tips that will help you lose some weight..These tips will not instantly make you lose weight but incorporating these in your lifestyle will surely bring a change..Try all of these if possible in your daily diet..                                                                                                                                                Diet-weight-loss-phentermine-diet-pills-12

1.Multigrain Chapatis:

If you are trying to lose weight, eat multigrain chapatis instead of whole wheat chapatis. Besides being nutritious, multigrain chapati has the ability to make you full fast and to keep you full for longer.

2.Green or Black Tea:

If you are hungry in the evening, drink black or green tea instead of eating something unhealthy. These two tea has amino acid named Thiamine in them which release relaxing chemicals in your brain and keeps control on your hunger.

3.Eat Sweet Corn: 

Sweet corn is not only tasty to eat but studies show that sweet corn has higher amount of antioxidants than apple and has lesser calories. So why not munch on this super delicious fruit when it is so less in calories and protects against free radicals at the same time.


4.Include Protein in your Diet:

Protein takes time in digesting and keeps you full for hours.Lean protein like egg whites, turkey sandwich, fat free milk and curd, grilled fish and vegetables will surely make you slim if incorporated in your daily diet.

5.Roasted Almonds:

If you feel like eating something tasty in snack, have roasted almonds instead of chips or namkeen. Filled with monounsaturated fatty acids, almonds are an healthy option & makes you slim at the same time..

This was my five simple tips to lose weight, try these or ask me for help if confused on any of the above tips. By the way I weigh 43 kg (94.79 pounds) and need not to worry about my weight.You can ask any questions regarding my diet, fitness routine or what I eat daily to maintain that weight in the comments below..

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