Hi Prettiest!!

There are certain products which I really love and would purchase again and again. Well, I thought my readers would be happy to read what products I like a lot and would purchase them again. So I’m starting a new series of post in which I’ll be featuring what are those products which I would like to repurchase. Read on to know why I love these products and why would I repurchase them.

Products I Would Repurchase

Avon Advance Techniques Damage Repair 3D Rescue:

You may be wondering by the name, what is this product as its name does not specify its use. Well, this is a leave in treatment and has to be used after washing and conditioning hair on slightly damp hair. I haven’t found a better leave in treatment than this and I feel it does its work super efficiently, keeps my hair protected from the harsh sun and pollution and repairs damage to an extent.

Products I Would Repurchase

Lotus Professional PhytoRx Protective Lotion:

My saviour in my acne phase! I love the way it makes my skin flawless, glowing, moisturized, covers marks, makes up as a primer and keeps my makeup tact. It does it all ;-) so I have all the reason in the world to buy it again. I know it’s not for my skin type but it suits my skin really well.

Products I Would Repurchase

Patanjali Rose Water:

I haven’t found a better rose water than this and it’ll always be on my buy list until I find a better rose water. It’s 100% pure rose water without any preservatives. This product has to be always in my vanity, you never know when rose water can come in use. ;-)

Products I Would Repurchase

Boro Plus Gentle Exfoliating Scrub:

I discovered this product just recently and am loving it. It does what it doesn’t even claim to, it has mild exfoliating beads which does the scrubbing work nicely and I don’t know what more is there in it that makes my skin glowing, clear and fresh. If you want to know more of its results, check its review.

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Patanjali Almond Oil:

Patanjali products always work great for me and I have quite a good collection of its products. I make full use of this almond oil and purchase it again and again. Seriously telling, I haven’t found a better almond oil than this and I love it. It says its 100% pure almond oil and I feel that it’s true. I use it in various ways, you can check the post and know in how many ways I use it.

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That’s all in this list of products I would repurchase, I have lots of favorite products that I would like to repurchase which I’ll be revealing in my coming posts.