What’s in Anushka’s Handbag

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Anushka sharma is a beautiful lady and a great actress. Her charm and persona is something to admire. She has some secrets in her handbag which I will be leaking today.                                                                   Anushka Sharma Handbag Essentials

I believe that a girl’s bag talks everything about her style and personality- things she herself doesn’t know.. I know every girl in the world carries a bag when she leaves her house and a girl’s handbag is a stock of everything she needs. It’s like a little world you need to carry. To feel free and confident all the time.. Sarah Jessica Parker once said “we girls feel naked in the public without a handbag.” It’s so true! We girls get our confident to walk in the public from our handbag.. So let’s get a little peep into Anushka’s handbag…

1. Wallet:

She says wallet is “for my credit cards (I never know when I want to shop!!), privilege cards from my favourite brands, my driving license and yes money”.

2. Sunglasses:

Anushka has a collection of sunglasses and she always carries one in her handbag! She prefer big sunglasses that covers most of her face. She says “it works both for the sun and the paparazzi”:)

3. Lip Gloss:

How can a girl ignore her lips? To maintain that perfect smile, she carries her favourite gloss that has a hint of color. It keeps her lips well moisturised and leaves a nice lasting shine. I have always seen her with the perfect pout..

4. Hand Sanitiser:

The invention of the millenium. You can’t go hunting for soap and water to wash hands. So she just keeps a small bottle handy.

5. Compact:

She is mostly seen without makeup but when she wears any she keeps a compact handy to touch up her face. It’s what keeps her skin looking fresh and vibrant..

6. Hairbrush:

Hairbrush or comb is something which is found in almost every girl’s bag. Likewise it does reserves a space in Anushka’s handbag. She always brushes her hair when she is on the go..

When you are always on the move, it’s best to be prepared with the essentials. Helps you feel assured.

So what’s the secret of your handbag? If you have anything unique, do share in the comments below.

7 thoughts on “What’s in Anushka’s Handbag”

    1. Thanx Megha…Carrying a bag will enhance your personality..If you don’t like to carry a handbag you can first try with the long hanging bags in which you will not feel like you are carrying something but it will add confident in you…

  1. Whats in ur handbag arzoo?
    I ve a note n pen, tissues, hair clip n band n sunscreen added to this but on a full day outing I ll carry a facewash, moisturizer or vasline anything that I could find in hurry. Also some chocolates to avoid bp or hunger :D

    1. You’ll find a mini makeup stash in my bag, I have so many things to carry, sanitizer, powder,lip balm, sunscreen, tissues, debit card, comb and what not, the list is so long seriously to be spilled here :D

      1. Hahaha… that needs a biig biig bag.. i carry a watter bottle too i forgot to add tht .. and i guess thts y v girls r fond of handbags no matter how many v how or hwmuch v see v ll always love it :P

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