Welcoming Our Baby Into This World

I know I know you all must not believe what you just read! But it’s true! We just welcomed our baby into this world. And it’s a baby boy- all well and healthy!Welcoming Our BabyThe story is I came to know about my pregnancy one and a half month later and we planned to terminate it without telling anyone in the house. I searched internet for the meds available in India but unfortunately we didn’t find it here! Time flew by and it was 3 months. I was scared as it was an unplanned pregnancy and we didn’t want it now then we decided onto termination as the last step. We didn’t tell anyone in the house and went to one of the famous gynae of Delhi. She opposed to me kept on insisting to keep the baby and that it’s not a good idea to drop it. I requested her that I’m not ready and don’t want it now on any condition but she being a kind lady kept on making me understand that if I’d take this step I might not experience motherhood in my whole life after performing certain test on me. Tears bursted into my eyes hearing that if not now I might not experience motherhood in my whole life, I thought for about an hour and decided on keeping it as I also wanted to experience how motherhood feels like- which is the best experience ever a girl/woman can have! And if not now, it’d be never for me! Then only I decided to keep the baby and told everyone in the house after 3 months. Everyone was filled with happiness and took extra care of me.

And now we have this cute little angel which makes my day by his cute little smile and takes my sleeps away by his loud cries Will get back to the blogging track in few days!

Here is his cute little hand, will update soon with his pics on my Facebook page and on Instagram so keep an eye there.Ponu

35 thoughts on “Welcoming Our Baby Into This World”

  1. so thrilled to hear this news Arzoo… I can certainly understand ur situation dear..mine was not unplanned but somewhere I wasn’t ready to get a child at an early age but now I m d most happiest as she has changed me n my whole world.. Not to mention..my fitness is all cz of her.. Waiting to see d lil prince n ur pics ..take care..stay healthy..lots of blessing to the babyyyy.. :*

  2. Appreciate your decision. Of course, its scary feeling when something happens which we did not expected, specially pregnancy. But probably that’s what we call LIFE! Full of surprises and uncertainty.

    Your struggling days are Gone Now! And being newly made mommie I can tell you that you will thank God Million Times in coming months and years.

    Stay happy and take care both of you :)

    Lots of Love to Baby.

  3. OMG…..this is a news dear….. something thrilling and unbelievable…. many many congratulations to you….. I am really very happy for you Arzoo…. may god bless the new born angel in your life…… can’t wait to see the pics now…… :-) <3

  4. OMG OMG OMG OMGGGGGGGG Congratulations. its great to hear that you and your baby are healthy! So now you can blog about motherhood and childcare too :D children are the only people who can push you to the end of frustration and also make you stay in cloud nine all your life. some how its possible for them.. thankfully everything turned out to be good. i am sure u ll b glad that you choose to keep him :) For now take care of your and your baby’s health.

    1. Haha sure I can blog about motherhood as well now. True, totally agree that children gives you all new experiences whether good or bad and that is what makes a couple actual parent!

  5. Arzoo.. babe this is a big and super se upar wala surprise… Congratulations sweety.. give love to baby as well.. and stay bless <3

  6. You have a pretty happening life arzoo!! U indeed shocked me :D But I am so proud of you to have given the birth and skipping termination. have a healthy life and many congratulationssss!! waiting for the picturesssss

  7. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe this arzoo. .its great news congratulations. U will absolutely love motherhood. Eagerly waiting for baby’s pics. Tc

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