VLCC Skin Defense Honey Moisturiser Review

VLCC Skin Defense Honey Moisturiser Review
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As I mentioned in my top 5 beauty tips how particular I am with moisturizing my face, you might also know one interesting fact about me which is that I can never stick to a same moisturizer for a long time. Previously I reviewed Lakme Skin Gloss moisturizer which proved to be really good for my dry skin and I still have it with me but then I though to try out a new moisturizer and after using it for few days, I’m here with a review for you all.

VLCC Skin Defense Honey Moisturiser

Price: 195 for 100 ml.

Shelf Life: 3 years

Skin Type: Normal to Dry Skin

Product Description:

This moisturizer enriched with Honey and Jojoba Oil, hydrates, nourishes and conditions the skin. It actively corrects skin’s natural moisture balance making it smooth and supple.

How to Use:

After cleansing, apply on face and neck with gentle upward strokes. Use alone or under make-up.

For Best Results:

Apply twice daily after cleansing and toning.

VLCC Skin Defense Honey Moisturiser

Key Ingredients:

Oils of Jojoba, Almond & Olive, Extracts of Sweet Flag & Fenugreek, Honey, Vitamin E, Dimethicone, D-Panthenol. With NMF (natural moisturising factor).

My Experience with VLCC Skin Defense Honey Moisturizer:

This moisturizer comes in a cream coloured bottle with a flip top cap. The bottle has a big mouth which pours out excess product than the required quantity so overall it does not have a convenient packaging, it can be carried while travelling though.

VLCC Skin Defense Honey Moisturiser

The smell is too strong and gives me headache sometimes. It is overly fragranced and the smell can be bothersome for sensitive noses. Talking about its consistency, it has a nice consistency which is flowy but it doesn’t gets absorbed properly. Though I have dry skin, this moisturizer makes my skin oily and greasy which is a big turn off and I’m sure no skin type would like that they have been greased in an oil factory. It will not suit oily skin types nor dry skin but extremely dry skin may find it good if nothing seems to moisturize their skin then this moisturizer could surely do. I’m not planning to use it anymore nor advise anyone to do as it is really greasy and something that can make my dry skin look greasy and oily, is definitely not a good thing.


VLCC Skin Defense Honey Moisturiser

Pros of VLCC Skin Defense Honey Moisturiser:

  • Easily available.
  • Travel friendly packaging.
  • Great for extremely dry skin.
  • Moisturizes well.
  • Nice herbal ingredients.

Cons of VLCC Skin Defense Honey Moisturiser:

  • Expensive compared to other moisturizers.
  • Will not work for oily skin.
  • Makes my dry skin oily and greasy.
  • I find the smell overpowering.
  • Big hole that pours out excess product than the required quantity.
  • Full ingredient list is missing.

 Will I Repurchase VLCC Skin Defense Honey Moisturiser:

No, I won’t. I’d advise everyone to better stay away from it.

Rating: 2/5

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