Tresemme Split Remedy Split Rescue Shampoo Review

Tresemme Split Remedy Split Rescue Shampoo Review
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Tresemme Split Remedy Split Rescue Shampoo Review

Price: Rs. 170 for 215ml

Shelf Life: 24 monthsTresemme Split Remedy Split Rescue ShampooIngredients:

Tresemme Split Remedy Split Rescue Shampoo Ingredients

My Experience with Tresemme Split Remedy Split Rescue Shampoo:

Tresemme Split Remedy Split Rescue Shampoo comes in a usual Tresemme packaging, a black bottle differentiating the split remedy range with green cap and green strip line instead of red as on the keratin smooth range and purple as on the hair fall defense shampoo bottle.Tresemme Split Remedy Split Rescue Shampoo Review

The consistency of the shampoo is medium, not too runny or thick! I have been using the split remedy shampoo and the conditioner for almost a month and frankly speaking I haven’t seen any change in my hair except for them getting more rough and damage since I have started using this range. Yeah, this is what I have experienced from this shampoo, it doesn’t cure split ends in any way, doesn’t lend any softness or shine to my hair, makes my hair unmanageable and so urgggh bad though it cleanses the scalp well and lathers well, at least it’s got some good features! It works good no I mean kind of average when paired with the conditioner from the same range and if used alone, it can make your hair look like bird’s nest the next day, seriously so unmanageable and tangled. You know na I experiment every shampoo by using it without a conditioner and this is when I kept on cursing myself as my hair have taken the form of damaged dull lifeless tresses again just because of using this shampoo alone many times.

Pros of Tresemme Split Remedy Split Rescue Shampoo:

  • Affordable.
  • Cleanses the scalp well.
  • Easily available.
  • Good packaging!

Cons of Tresemme Split Remedy Split Rescue Shampoo:

  • Makes hair rough and damaged.
  • Makes hair greasy 2 days post wash.
  • No effect on split ends!
  • Can’t be used without a conditioner.

BML Rating: 1.5/5

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18 Responses to “Tresemme Split Remedy Split Rescue Shampoo Review”

  1. Oh ho! Bad it dint work for u babes…I am using the Keratin range and thats good :)
    But yes the conditioner needed in that one too!

  2. Niesha says:

    I haven’t used it I got two of these samples and gave it to my cousin who has similar sought of views, Will post the review soon. Best of luck!!

  3. Vaishu says:

    Expt d keratin range i ve used all but they never worked for me too.. and yea welcome backk babyyy :D missed you

  4. Ohh.. its bad that it did not work for you, I used it for a couple of months and it was good. But yes, it defiintely requires a conditioner to work along well.

  5. Tanmayee says:

    Not that great, yet dint harm my hair too…average stuff ……..

  6. Megha says:

    ohhh i so wanna try it out as i had always loved Tresemme! Shall stay way from it now!

  7. Mansi says:

    I so agree with you…. it doesnt work on split ends… tried it for 4 weeks :(

  8. Thank you so much for the honest review Arzoo…. Honestly I haven’t had great experience with tresemme :snicker:

  9. Gowthami says:

    Oh sad it didn’t work for you dear! x

  10. Anubhuti says:

    Bird’s nest :o Nothing more needs to be said :(

  11. laks says:

    dud! will stay away from it.

  12. Jyoti says:

    Ooops seems to be such a dud :( I am not going to try it now :( Lovely review sweetheart :)

  13. trsseme products are no extra ordinary. false claims :(

  14. Vini @dndb says:

    This one din’t suit me at all!

  15. Simera says:

    I love TRESemme products but I have heard mixed reviews about this shampoo.
    Great review.

  16. Richa Saxena says:

    Tresemme has always been a hit or miss…This is one particularly missed product…will stray away from this one…Lovely review Babe! :)

  17. Dollie says:

    I haven’t used any shampoos or conditioners from Tresemme and after reading your post, I think I’ll stay away from them totally.

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