The Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BB Cream Review

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I got this BB cream from Preetha when she hosted a sale on her blog Indian Beauty Journal. Whenever I hear the word sale, :evilgrin: I just get dragged there no matter how busy I am or what I’m doing and this has happened with me many times that I’m the first bidder on most sales :-P I love sales, no control on me when I hear the word sale. Coming to this BB cream, the one unique thing you’ll notice about this cream is its tag line which says cool BB cream, let’s see how cool is this cream..

The Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BB Cream ReviewProduct description:

Meet our skincare hero, Vitamin E Cool BB Cream. Our new take on BB cream illuminates, evens skin tone and protects with moisture for 12 hours. Available in one cool shade, the lightweight texture will effortlessly blend onto skin for a fresh and natural look.

  • Hydrates to protect
  • Evens tone
  • Fresh-looking skin
  • One cool shade

The Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BB Cream ReviewPrice: Rs. 995, got it on blog sale for 550

Net Quantity: 50 ml

How To Use:

Using your fingertips, apply to the face and neck after cleansing and toning. Wear alone or as a base for make-up.


The Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BB Cream Ingredients

My Take on The Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BB Cream:

This BB cream comes in a light pink color tube with a flip top cap. The one thing about this cream that can bother anyone is its weird smell, its smell is really irritating, I really hate its smell but thankfully the smell does not last long and vanishes as soon as the cream blends into skin.

The texture of this cream is smooth and glides on easily. It’s a very light weight muddy colored cream and the coverage it gives is sheer to medium, it does not cover dark circles and marks. As it gives a sheer coverage it just gives a natural look and you will need a concealer to cover any marks, dark circles or any problematic skin. It does not have SPF so you will also have to use a sunscreen separately before using this BB cream. It keeps the skin soft for 5-6 hours. It’s available in only one shade which is the biggest con and this cool shade may not suit girls with pale skin like me, it kind of makes my skin color a bit dark than usual but I manage with it by topping it with a good compact or loose powder. I quite liked the ingredient list of this cream which are really good for our skin.

Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BB CreamThe Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BB Cream SwatchPros of The Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BB Cream:

  • Soft and smooth texture.
  • Blends easily.
  • It has wheat germ oil, shea butter, vitamin E which are really good for our skin.
  • Staying power is 4-5 hours.
  • Keeps skin soft and moisturized for 5-6 hours.
  • Travel friendly packaging.

Cons of The Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BB Cream:

  • Expensive.
  • Available only in one shade which will not suit fair skin.
  • Makes my skin a bit dark than its actual color but I manage by topping it with a good compact powder.
  • Gives sheer coverage.
  • No SPF so a sunscreen has to be used separately.
  • Will not suit oily skin.

BML Rating: 3.5/5

Final Verdict:

Overall, I didn’t like this BB cream much as it does not have all the features of a BB cream! A BB cream is like a multitask cream and comes in various shades to suit all skin tones whereas this BB cream comes only in one shade and that too with no SPF. So I would rather use it as a base for my makeup and not as a BB cream as it makes a perfect makeup base and does not work that good as a BB cream.

PS: I’m planning to try all BB creams available in Indian market so wait for my coming posts to see more of BB cream reviews.

30 thoughts on “The Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BB Cream Review”

  1. Well reviewed babe :) .. The packaging looks too cute <3
    But this one shade problem is faced by most of the BB creams plus not suited for Oily skin – Surely a Skip :(

  2. I love sales too ;) No matter how hard we try, we get dragged in them!
    Coming to the BB cream, its seems to be okay okay…I dont know why there is just one shade…that really is a bummer… :(

  3. Most of the BB creams I have has SPF in them.. This would have been better if it also contained spf considering the high price..
    I love sales too.. it is too tempting not to buy anything in a sale!
    Nice Review :) # BSP

  4. Nice review dear…although I desperately wanted to give it a try I couldn’t merely bcoz of shade problem.This shade would me also look dull…so this one is surely a skip.

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