Makeup Essentials For A Teenager

Heya Girls,

I’m back after a long break but still not fully back as I haven’t yet set my photo clicking place and still building up my little studio :P Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for my vacation to Shimla, Manali and all, still not revealed to me exactly where we’ll be going by my hero, he’s keeping it a secret, don’t know why :-/ but he actually is hiding it from me.
So let’s move on to today’s post which is about what are some makeup essentials for a teenager. I know no one really thinks of writing such posts apart me but I know how you teens are obsessed with using makeup and don’t know where and what to start from! Your best bet is to keep it simple and natural. So I will be guiding you today in this post as to what you need in your makeup bag as a teenager/starter.Makeup Essentials For A Teenager Continue reading Makeup Essentials For A Teenager