Innisfree It’s Real Avocado Sheet Mask Review

Hey Girls,

It’s been long since I used and reviewed a¬†sheet mask, blame it on the tight schedule that I care less for my skin nowadays or on the weather that makes me feel too lazy to use masks, scrubs and all but today I decided, I will use some mask coz my skin was feeling too dry and dull because of the pigmentation treatment I have been following and that’s when I saw this sheet mask lying around and I planned to use it after finishing all my morning work. I did a mini facial or say cleanup before using this mask as I needed some boost and after I did all the facial steps, I ended my facial with this sheet mask which I kept for almost half an hour. So let’s move on to read my review to see what did this mask do in half an hour, it’s going to be a mini review and I won’t be going in detail to its packaging and all..

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