My Most Used Products!!

Today I would be showing you some of my most used makeup products. I use them the most because I love these products!! And what I love using on my skin is definitely worth sharing with you all since one or the other girl keeps on asking me to do a post on my most used foundations or my most used products so I thought I’d do a post on my most used products. Hope you enjoy reading it!!  :heart:


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My Most Used BB Creams

My Most Used BB Creams
Hey Everyone,

I’m back from my trip and fully back to my blog routine as I have found a place to click pics for the blog. Yayy I’m super happy to be back and connect with you all through my posts. :D

Ever since I got married, I have been using makeup everyday just to look more presentable and to hide my ugly pimples which have been popping out now and then due to some nasty products which I have been testing for review and will be revealing about them soon. My daily makeup consists of- well it consists of lots of products and if you want me to do a post on my daily makeup then do leave a comment, I’d be happy to do that. The main product in my makeup routine is a BB cream as I don’t like using foundation on a daily basis and that too in this scrotching summer heat where sun melts away everything I have on my face :P I use two BB creams when doing my makeup nowadays, one is the Garnier BB cream and the other is L’oreal BB cream. These two BB creams are my favorite, the most favorite being the L’oreal BB cream.

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