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Foundation Application Tools: Basic Foundation Guide

Foundation Application Tools Today I’d be talking about different types of tools you can use to apply your foundation. This post is the continuation of basic foundation series which I’ve talked about earlier¬†Here and Here.

How to Apply Foundation: Basic Foundation Guide

How to Apply Foundation Today we would be discussing second series of basic foundation guide-¬†how to apply foundation! You must be applying foundation almost everyday but are you applying it the right way? Well, if in doubt, this post will guide you on how to apply foundation correctly to achieve a flawless even tone look! […]

Basic Foundation Guide: Types of Foundation

Basic Foundation Guide: Types of Foundation Hi Girls, With tons of foundations available in the market, it’s very difficult to choose a foundation meant for your skin type and needs! So today, I’d be guiding you on the basic types of foundation available and which is best for your skin type! This would be my […]