Revlon Photoready Kajal Emerald Empire Review, Swatches and EOTD

Hey Girls,

This is my first eye product review. No! maybe second but first with eye swatches and I’m certainly not excited about it as I couldn’t take one good eye swatch pic, don’t know why I’m so bad in clicking swatch pics! Though I love writing reviews but I’m not that great in clicking swatch pics, only time will teach me something.

Revlon Photoready Kajal Emerald Empire ReviewProduct Description:

Get multiple on-trend looks with one dual ended pencil. The dark end’s rich color gives you an intense, bold look. The light end brightens and opens up the eyes. Use both ends together for an on-trend, smoldering look.

Price: Rs.395

Shades Available: Black/White, Navy Blue/Silver and Emerald/N*de.Revlon Photoready Kajal Emerald Empire Review

My Take on Revlon Photoready Kajal Emerald Empire:

Packaging: It is a dual ended wooden pencil with two shades (n*de for brightening the eye and green for lining upper lid) though each shade can be used reversely too and the pencil has respective matching color caps at both the ends to identify the shades.

Shade: This pencil comes in two shades, both at each end. One shade is n*de and the other one is green. The green one looks very sharp in the eyes and makes the eyes appear sharp though it starts smudging in an hour only and the n*de shade is quite a flattering and a multipurpose shade, (the one for which you may want to buy it) it brightens the eyes, opens up the tired eyes and makes eyes appear bigger. Revlon Photoready Kajal Emerald Empire ReviewRevlon Photoready Kajal Emerald Empire Review

Pigmentation: Both the shades are well pigmented, the green one is like dark teal and is very well pigmented, gives the real green color on application and the n*de one too is nicely pigmented.

Texture: It has a very nice smooth texture, it glides on smoothly, with just one swipe and it’s so intense. Doesn’t look chalky on application.

Staying Power: Where this kajal lacks most is the staying power! It has the least staying power I have ever seen in a kajal, I mostly use green one from both the shades and it starts smudging in one hour and completely vanishes in 2 hours, now that’s very poor! It’s not expected from a kajal priced this high :( Whereas if I apply green shade on my upper eyelid, it fairly stays for 2 hours and starts smudging after that but the n*de one has nice staying power on the waterline probably like 2-3 hours which is still less but overall okay. The concept of this kajal is that nu*de on the waterline and the green one on the upper lid, this way both works fine as they stay on longer this way then if applied reversely.


Revlon Photoready Kajal Emerald Empire Swatches

Revlon Photoready Kajal Emerald Empire Swatches.jpgBad bad eye pics, I know! I know people I suck at eye swatch pics (I’ve got droopy eyelids), this was just to show you how this color looks in the eyes. I have used green on the upper lid and the n*de on the waterline.

Pros of Revlon Photoready Kajal Emerald Empire:

  • Comes with 2 shades.
  • Well pigmented.
  • Smooth texture, glides on smoothly.
  • N*de shade brightens up the eyes and is a multi-purpose shade.
  • Green looks stunning and would suit all skin tones, it makes the eyes appear sharp.

Cons of Revlon Photoready Kajal Emerald Empire:

  • A bit pricey.
  • Poor staying power, starts smudging in an hour.
  • Green shade smudges a lot and makes the under eye area all colorful (green) and also sets badly in fine lines.
  • Wastage during sharpening as it’s a wooden pencil.

BML Rating: 3/5

On the End Note:

You may want to buy it only for the n*de shade if you don’t like the effect of white eye pencil on your waterline or else you can give it a skip. Nothing epic about it! The n*de works good though and is a multi-purpose shade, can be used in various ways.

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30 Responses to “Revlon Photoready Kajal Emerald Empire Review, Swatches and EOTD”

  1. Tanmayee says:

    Omg , Lovely swatch….and the green is really pretty :)

  2. Renji says:

    I loved emerald empire…..Awesome it is…. :)
    great review dear….You can use dark black kohl on ur waterline and apply this greenish shade along the lashline.. it ‘ll look awesome on you!!!

  3. Nice eye swatch sweetie n green looks very nice. :yes:

  4. Gowthami says:

    It’s quite pricey for the job it does! And hey beautiful EOTD sweets! I love it! <3 xoxo

  5. Harine says:

    The green one s too good.. :yes:

  6. Swati Chinky says:

    I have it and barely used :-/
    Superb EOTD :-*

  7. The swatches are nice hun…Why are you so worried :) N yeah…average staying power is bad :/ Expected more from this na :) As always, lovely review <3

  8. Preeti Kaur says:

    Emerald shade is nice but it doesnt stay :(

  9. Aparajita says:

    your EOTD is awesome! <3 i would love to try the beige one.. but staying power :-/

  10. Arshita says:

    Not a fan of revlon brand. but I am liking the emerald shade! Lovely EOTD! :-)) :yes:

  11. Snigdha says:

    pretty EOTD arzoo…love that green shade…

  12. Rashmi says:

    Nice review honey….looks like an average product…:-)

  13. charu sharma says:

    Emerald is good but your eyes are far better. In fact, jheel jaisi hain ;)
    Loved your EOTD darling!!

  14. rachna says:

    the shade looks gorgeous on u but if it start smudging in an hr affter application i vl skip this!

  15. pragya says:

    very pretty EOTD! I am not impressed with this Kajal!! I will skip it 8-)

  16. Asmitha says:

    Perfect swatch Arzoo :-) ..For ur first eye swatch u have done extremely good..I own this kajal, and the green smudges horribly..

  17. Mayuri says:

    I was eagerly waiting to see your EOTD sweetie and I must say you have done a fab job.. Loved the EOTD.. You have beautiful eyes.. N yeah same pinch cuz even I have brown eyes :D I liked emerald one but I think I will skip these cuz of the wear time

  18. I liked the ye pics! Nice shades these are! sad that emerald smudges!

  19. Radha says:

    Pretty EOTD and nice Review Arzoo :)

  20. Shreya says:

    I added this to my Must Buy List ! Such a awesome combination dear …thanks a ton for sharing such a awesome review with us !
    btw it looks beautiful on you <3 <3 :-*

  21. Esha says:

    Arzoo, the swatches are nice hun :* :* wish these were better!

  22. Niesha says:

    I loved the emerald green color!! and no ways darlin your swatches are bad.. You have such beautiful eyes!! <3

  23. laks says:

    Loved your EOTD :-* Looking for a perfect emerald kajal.. Any suggestion?? ?:-)

  24. Rakhshanda says:

    Love the emerald shade kajal! I love Revlon products always. Your eyes are beautiful <3

  25. Simera says:

    I love the green one it’s so pigmented.
    Happy Saturday.

  26. Raji says:

    Pretty EOTD. Not bad at all!! Nice review

  27. Both the shades are pretty good but wish the formula had been better..
    lovely review.. :)

  28. Rekha says:

    you have beautiful eyes <3 lovely review dear :)

  29. Shrishti says:

    Nice swatch. I always wanted the kajal in n*de colour.

  30. Richa Saxena says:

    You have gorgeous eyes!
    These seem to be like an average liner….Wished they had better staying power :(

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