My Top 5 Beauty Tips

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Few weeks back, when my friends saw my pics for the first time and some after really long, I was filled with compliments that I have really good skin. Well, my skin is not that perfect but yes I agree, I have good skin. I didn’t have it but I’ve managed to keep it looking healthy and beautiful by some ways.

Beauty Tips

I’m a very healthy person and very particular about my skincare routine. I don’t wear much makeup and can go out with just moisturizing my face and still look beautiful and confident. This is the way how I am now :-)) but there was time when I was suffering from really bad acne. I’ve promised one of my reader that I’ll be soon doing a post on how I went through that phase and what all I did to come out of that phase, so stay tuned if you want to know my journey to clear skin. For now, let’s move on to my top beauty tips that I do everyday and that keep me looking and feeling good..


This is perhaps the most important and main step in my skincare routine. I’m very consistent about cleansing my face twice a day, no matter how tired I am at night, I never forget to cleanse my face with a cleanser meant for my skin type. As my skin type is dry, I don’t cleanse more than twice a day because over cleansing can strip my skin of its natural moisture and make it more rough and dry.

Satin Pillowcase:

I have 4 satin pillow covers and I shuffle them all the week. I haven’t seen in these months how sleeping on cotton pillowcases feels :-/ The day I got to know that sleeping on satin or silk pillow cases protects your skin against wrinkles and keeps it nourished and also keeps hair soft and static free, I said my mumma to get me some satin or silk pillow cases. She got me two pairs that are only mine and I shuffle them all the week and sleep only on them. I swear by how sleeping on satin pillowcase can make a huge difference to your skin. One day, I didn’t have any satin pillow cover to sleep on and I slept on a cotton pillow cover, the next day I woke up, I saw huge lines all over my face. That’s because I don’t have a habit of sleeping on my back and I sleep with my face facing towards the ground and that is why I’ve switched to satin pillow cases, I don’t want early wrinkles or fine lines. :heh:

Beauty Tips

Drink 8 Glasses of Water:

I know you’ve heard this many times and it’s hard to believe that drinking water can keep the skin glowing. But I am a true believer in how drinking 8 or more glasses of water keeps my skin healthy and beautiful. I drink minimum 8 glasses of water or even more.

Beauty Tips

Note: I only drink filtered and boiled water and if I’m out of both, I stay without drinking water, it’s just my way and I can not ingest normal tap water, it feels too heavy and I feel it’s doing me all bad.


As you all know my skin type is dry and since the day I started showing more love to my skin, it started showing me love in return. Yeah, that’s so true, my skin doesn’t look rough and patchy now. It always feels hydrated and supple though dryness was a major issue for me even in summers. And dryness always led to dullness on my face. :-X Now I only use products that are meant for dry skin and moreover I keep moisturizing my face throughout the day (not like every hour) but twice or thrice a day. Moisturizing is a very important step no matter what your skin type is, always moisturize your face. Moisturizing your face will show a great change in your face and more improved texture. This is my bit and I always moisturize my face, so when are you starting to moisturize regularly?


I pop a multivitamin pill everyday, it meets all my daily vitamin needs. I miss some vitamins in my daily diet so I have to rely on multivitamins, I also take vitamin C pills along with multivitamins. Vitamin C helps improve the texture of skin, prevents wrinkles, reduces sun damage and has many more benefits for skin.

Incorporating these five tips in my daily routine have brought a lot of change to my skin. These are some of my regular beauty tips, there are many more beauty tips which I’d be sharing in my coming posts. My skin is much more better now, I’d also be sharing my acne experience so stay tuned to know more of my beauty tips and how I managed to get clear skin.

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34 thoughts on “My Top 5 Beauty Tips”

    1. Vitamin E is also very good for skin but I generally get good proportion of it from my multivitamin pills, do you want to know the name of vitamin C pills I take.

          1. Coz this may be your first comment na, the vitamin C pill is from Glaxo Smith Kline and multivitamin is btw two brands, one is A to Z multiviatmin and multimineral tablets and I don’t know the name of the other one, will tell you after knowing its name.

            1. this A to Z multivitamin is it available in chemist shop in India and what is the cost. also please let us know the name of vitamin C tablet and other multivitamin tablet as i am unable to find A to z tablet at our place

              1. Megha, you can try any multivitamin tablet you find in chemist shop but make sure that it has some quality and is not cheap. My tablets cost around 250 or something, all multivitamin tablets are the same, it does not mean only tablet I eat will give benefits. And for vitamin C, the only tablet available in India is Glaxo smith kline so try finding that.

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