Mini MAC Haul :)

My hero is pampering me before karvachauth by all means and he took me to a lil shopping spree where I bought stuffs from MAC, Sephora and some drugstore brands. Here is what I picked from MAC..Mini MAC HaulMAC Prep + Prime BB Compact: You know how obsessed I am with BB creams. I needed  MAC BB cream in my life and when I asked for BB cream, the SA asked me what is my skin type and she just handed me this compact BB creme. I was looking into something else so I didn’t notice it that time and not even when my hubby was making the payment, thinking of changing it to the tube packaging BB cream, let’s see if I can exchange it in 15 days since MAC has a policy of exchanging stuffs within 14 days. Price: Rs. 2100

Mini MAC HaulMAC Pro Longwear Concealer: This concealer has always been on my wishlist, I needed it in my life. I’m so happy to try it since I got bored with my MAC studio finish concealer. Price: Rs. 1500Mini MAC HaulMAC Russian Red Matte Lipstick: I love matte lipsticks and whenever I get a chance to pick any shade, it would be only matte. I had two MAC lipsticks on my wishlist till now and I picked both of them. You know how much I love red lipsticks, I can’t get enough of them and Russian Red has always been in my dreams ;) Price: Rs. 1450

Mini MAC Haul (2)Mini MAC Haul (2)MAC Flat Out Fabulous Lipstick: I’m a fan of bold dark shades and other than red, I love dark pink, orange shades a lot. I became a fan of this lipstick when I saw a pic of Kim Kadarshian wearing this lipstick and I knew I had to pick it whenever I get a chance to pick MAC Products. But these MAC prices are getting so insane, the lipstick which was priced at Rs. 990 is now for Rs. 1450 :shock: It’s like wtf. Wish I could pick all these lippies few months ago and make a good collection of MAC lippies. Price: Rs. 1450Mini MAC HaulMini MAC HaulNow Sephora haul coming soon on the blog :-D I’m feeling so pampered by these hauls, these hauls will make my karvachauth extra special :inlove:

37 thoughts on “Mini MAC Haul :)”

  1. this is ur first fast na so its very spl… btw good bless ur hero.. wish every girl cud get a hubby like u :D thats MAC man… wow… lucky u.. be happy always :)

    1. Ya it was very spcl Vaishu, ya I too wish everyone gets a hubby like mine, he’s just too caring and look he just cleaned all the room before I even woke up, he’s a MAC, Sephora and every brand man plus a dream man :D

    1. Hehe ya will do lip swatches soon, ya true we really can’t complain MAC when drugstore brands are selling their prods at the same price as high end brands.

  2. WOW! that’s such a fab haul…. And i am sure you would rock the colours FOF and Russian Red! I have a ruby woo too and I love it.
    Girl! I agree that MAC is getting super costly. Hence I keep searching for better drugstore dupes… waiting for your next post now… :-) :-) :-)

    1. Thank you so much Tarry :-* Ruby woo is one such lipstick to cherish ;) ya totally, but now even the drugstore brands are touching the sky with their prices, will post the next haul soon :D

  3. Geez! Aren’t we similar? I love matte lipsticks and flat out fabulous has been on my wishlist since forever. Too bad about the price hike,.. breaks my heart :(

    1. Hehe ya quite similar ;-) it has also been on my wishlist since forever but finally I could get my hands on it, yeah the lipsticks which were priced at 990 are all of a sudden for 1450 now :shock:

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